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Gossiping on The South Bank

The old adage says that a problem shared is a problem halved … but when you share it with body confidence gurus, Ruth Rogers and Natasha Devon it becomes a work of art (and gets shared with their army of supporters).

These two ladies are the brains behind Body Gossip, where they take the idea of writing down your body confidence trials and triumphs and put them together with some seriously talented actors and actresses to perform them as monologues.

From lobbying in parliament to teaching in schools, writing a book, and hosting a #BodyLove flashmob on the Southbank, they are turning a world of negative body image into something very positive indeed and their latest venture continues the theme of excitement … with a show devised of real-life stories especially for International Day of the Girl on 11th October to be performed to a select group of school children at The Southbank Centre, and inspire them to confidence that transcends the body.  As they say, they encourage you to think a lot about your body … and then forget about it.

The play itself is invite only, but to make sure they keep spreading the message and that more performances are set to come in the future, we are sporting their confidence-proclaiming T-shirts with pride, so we thought we would share them with you as well … after all, what could possibly be better than a world where we start the day by thinking … ‘My Body Is Freakin Awesome. FACT!’

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