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Interview in The Hot Tub … Rachel Johnson

Being an author, journalist and Editor in Chief at The Lady magazine, doesn’t leave much time-out for Rachel Johnson, but she told her secrets to health and happiness, with a little help from a particular pedigree of personal trainer …

You are a busy woman … what does your average day entail?

Life has been a bit less hectic since I became editor-in-chief of The Lady (as opposed to editor) this year.  I am popping into the office as and when rather than spending all day there. The pace of a weekly is frantic and I had an incredible team who worked much harder than I did! I would walk most days with Coco my dog across all the parks between W11 and WC2, ie Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park, Green Park, and then across Trafalgar Square to Covent Garden.  Then I’d pick up a coffee from New Row coffee and get my head down. Sometimes I’d walk back too (unless it was sleeting).

How do you stay in shape?

I don’t belong to a gym but I have a fulltime personal trainer with black fur and a wet nose who wants to go walkies whatever the weather. I am also a fanatical tennis player and play as much as I can.

You split your time between town and country … does your approach to health change much depending on where you are?

I am horribly health aware and there is no junk in either house apart from 80 per cent dark chocolate. I think the country is much more high-energy than London - I never sit down during the day at all, and am not on my bottom in front of a screen, so I fall into bed at the end of the day and have to make and eat plenty of scones to get through till midnight. I love being on Exmoor. It’s where I am calmest (and nicest according to my family).

High maintenance beauty routine or a lick of mascara and straight out the door?

The latter.

When are you at your happiest?

IN our farm on Exmoor pegging out washing.

When do you feel at your most glamorous?

In my Diane von Furstenberg tight red dress and a recent blow dry holding a glass of ice-cold Champagne.

Do you have a beauty product you just can’t live without?

Laura Mercier Illuminating Foundation

Favourite spa treatment?

Hand, head and foot massage!

What would be your perfect day of relaxation?

Strenuous exercise for hours followed by a bottle of red wine in front of a roaring fire with friends listening to Miles Davis.

Top tip for looking and feeling your best when you have a hectic schedule?


One question you have always wanted to ask a spa therapist?

Is it possible to remove baby hair from my lowborn forehead or should I leave it?

Answer from St Pancras Renaissance Hotel: “I would say yes, it is fine to wax this area. However, if the person in question has oilier skin or has problematic skin in this area, I would advise against it as waxing could create congestion and breakouts.”

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