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Men’s MOT – When Did You Last Have a Break?

It’s June, and at it has become tradition to dedicate this month to men and their wellbeing - think of it as a little MOT month for boys.

This time last year we asked guys across the country, when they most needed a break. From commuting to work to sitting in meetings, dealing with life’s daily trials and tribulations to going on that all-important first date, the world of spas and aromatherapy oils might traditionally be the domain of women, but in the 21st century even the most rugged of men need a little time out.

This year we have exercise tips, spa treatments, nutritional tips and even a make-up guide dedicated to you guys out there. You never know, you might discover something you never knew before - like aromatherapy and its place on the side of the football pitch thanks to a blend of eucalyptus, lavender, and juniper berry in coconut oil used to treat swellings and injuries.

If you’re anything like Man About Town Ajay Teli the 24-hour-a-day workaholic in you might find a moment to relax, or, more importantly, as blogger Andrew Boulton found out, you might simply have fun… and really good food… and feel AMAZING.

So come on boys, tell us when did you last take a break?

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