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Mother’s Day gifts that give mum something to look forward to

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The saying goes, ‘mum knows best’, so when it comes to choosing Mother’s Day gifts, it seems reasonable to pick something that simultaneously shows you thought about it, but also gives her the chance to choose something herself. It’s a tricky balance to strike, but there are answers in the form of spa gift vouchers.

There’s more than one way to give a spa gift voucher, but for Mother’s Day gifts why not choose something that will allow her to choose the date or maybe even the location. 

Monetary Spa Vouchers for flexible Mother’s Day gifts

If the ‘mum’ receiving vouchers wants to enjoy the flexibility of choice as much as the experience itself, a Monetary Spa Voucher is the way to go. It allows you control of what you want to spend, while allowing your loved one to add to it if they want to. 

Spa Package Gift Vouchers for an extra special Mother’s Day gift

Spa Package Gift Vouchers are perfect if you have a favourite spa destination that you really want to give a loved one the chance to experience and enjoy. Or perhaps your loved one has told you about a spa they’re desperate to visit. With a Spa Package Gift Voucher you can select a spa experience at a specific destination of choice, and see everything that’s included. So when it comes to booking, your friend or loved one knows exactly what they’re getting but without knowing the price tag. All they have to do is choose a date!

Gift of Spa vouchers - for a specific experience you want them to enjoy

If you don’t want your mum to know the price of your Mother’s Day gift’s Gift of Spa vouchers are perfect. Focusing on the spa experience itself, the Classic and Deluxe Gift of Spa range of spa gift vouchers enables you to give someone a choice of experiences when it comes to where and when they redeem their spa voucher at spas across the UK and Ireland. Gift vouchers might be for a spa day or an overnight spa break and for one person or two. They can be for something as simple but effective as a treatment and use of facilities or including meals, spa treatments and all the bells and whistles.

Make your Mother’s Day gift extra special

With spa vouchers, your mum can choose from over 900 spa days, breaks and experiences at You can also enhance your gift card with a luxury presentation box or Temple Spa beauty box for a special treat for any occasion.


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