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    0 supports global wellbeing initiative with UK Spa Association has joined forces with the UK Spa Association to encourage a global event designed to encourage positive health and wellbeing practices in local communities.

The not-for-profit UK Spa Association launches the third annual Global World Wellness Weekend (WWW) this weekend, on 21st and 22nd September 2019, encouraging businesses to organise a minimum of 60 minutes’ free exercise for their local community over the course of the two days.

It is a collective opportunity to raise the awareness and enjoyment of regular wellbeing and exercise. This year it will be celebrated by more than 2,000 venues in 100 countries. Those involved include beauty salons, spas, hotels, yoga and Pilates studios, hot springs, fitness clubs, Mayors, Chambers of Commerce and more.

Past wellbeing event ideas

In previous years, institutions have offered a wide variety of wellbeing options. For example, the University of Derby with its on campus Devonshire Spa offered a schedule of activities from 11am until 3pm including free mini spa treatments and skincare advice, advice for outdoor adventures, a salsa class, a food talk with a specialist dietitian, and a laughter therapy class. Meanwhile, the luxurious Spa at The Midland chose to raise awareness about the value of spa treatments for sleep by offering a complimentary upgrade to customers who booked their Signature Serene Sleep Treatment.

Last year we saw a range of ideas and activities from a group yoga open day to a dress up penalty score competition at a local school, and a mass meditation session. Each participating organisation said that taking part took little effort but reaped great return in terms of local PR coverage, goodwill and attracting potential new clients. That was in addition to the positive team camaraderie generated by such a fun and inclusive occasion.

Get involved with the Global World Wellness Weekend has been encouraging businesses to take a moment and think about an activity they can organise to make wellbeing fun in their community, and to sign up to the Global World Wellness Weekend to get their names added to the WWW wellbeing map.

As for us, we have regular wellbeing activities and talks in the team offices, including desk massages, yoga sessions, and wellbeing workshops to help us feel our best throughout the working week. Favourites so far have included the ways in which we can use aromatherapy throughout the day from Aromatherapy Associates, and using nutrition to change your mood from


“At we work really hard to try to show that wellbeing isn’t something that has to be about deprivation, and it isn’t something that should be relegated to a run on a treadmill once a week. Health and wellbeing is what we live with every day and it’s something we should celebrate and really enjoy. For me, that’s the true essence of the spa experience and so it’s a great joy to support the UK Spa Association in highlighting that message and supporting individuals to find ways that make wellbeing enjoyable for them.” Founder, Abi Selby

“Adding your location to the World Wellness map is complimentary and a great opportunity to engage with new customers. I highly recommend signing up and promoting your unique selling point.”

The Spa at The Midland

“For us, it was all about getting wellness more integrated into the community and highlighting how easy it can be. For our students, it gave an oversight into how events like this can be run and what is required. From a spa point of view it gave the business the opportunity to attract new clientele and it gave locals who had not really looked into the benefits of wellness, a fresh perspective on what we do.”

Derby University


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