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We think technology can be great, but it’s also important to have time away from it and make time for ourselves. The two places we think provide the best opportunity for just that are between the pages of a book and in a spa. Fortunately, the two go perfectly together, making a spa break or simply being connected with the world of spa, the perfect time to tune out of technology and reignite the senses by reading a good book.

When it comes to good spa manners, mobile phones are generally frowned upon as disruptive to the sense of wellbeing - if not for yourself then for other people. More than that however, we are all familiar with the sense of anxiety and opportunity for unhealthy comparison that phones and social media can invoke. While technology is an amazing thing, there can be a temptation to never switch off, and that’s the kind of detox for long term wellbeing and balance that wants to support.

Providing a chance for members to reconnect with themselves and other like-minded spa breakers, believe that two of the places that provide the best opportunity to tune out of technology and reignite the senses, are between the pages of a book and in a spa. Fortunately, the two go hand in hand, which inspired the start of the Relax and Read Book Club in partnership with select UK publishers and bringing new meaning to the term R&R.

In addition to giving us space and time for ourselves, the other great joy about reading and time in a spa is having the opportunity to share and connect with other, like minded people. Maybe even meeting new people along the way, adding a further dimension and a different type of connection, both to the spa and reading experience.

Launching in March 2020 as an alternative to the traditional detox, the Relax and Read Book Club will give members the chance to discover new books, learn about the authors, share opinions and really escape into an inspiring world of literature.

Each month will select five customers from a self-nominated pool of Relax and Read Book Club members to read and review a newly released or soon-to-be released book, spanning all genres. They will have two months to read the book before writing reviews that will be published on the brand’s acclaimed wellbeing blog and shared with club members via a dedicated newsletter.

Members of the Relax and Read Book Club will enjoy:

  • News about a monthly recommended title
  • Explore the inner workings of a writer’s as’s editor interviews the author
  • The chance to nominate yourself to review new books and share your opinions
  • Exclusive access to unique Meet the Author spa breaks and events at spas around the country
  • Receive special offers and opportunities from publishing houses
  • First refusal to free books and Relax and Read Book Club events

“Technology is a wonderful thing but I firmly believe that it’s important to have time away from it to recharge, regroup and connect with ourselves and other people in different ways. Much like being in a spa, reading a book is such a joyful way to reawaken the mind and experience the senses. It can be a way to connect with ourselves and other people, and enhance our own sense of wellbeing. The two go so well together and with reading having always been one of the most beautiful ways that I have found to spend downtime at home and at spas, I hope this book club will help members to be inspired to relax and read away from technology.” Founder, Abi Selby


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