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The ultimate wellness getaway

Bicester Hotel and Spa announces an exclusive wellness getaway

The summer has begun and it's the perfect time for a little wellness boost before we head off on our holidays, which makes the launch of Bicester Hotel and Spa's new wellness getaway an excellent and timely news.

Unique to, the retreat includes two nights and packed days of wellness and pampering in the Oxfordshire countryside, making the most of the hotel's grounds and gardens as well as the extensive spa facilities.

Open swimming in their 200-metre outdoor lake is a particularly enchanting part of the escape, and of course you have full use of the extensive leisure facilities including large studios, an indoor pool, sauna pods, Jacuzzi, hydrotherapy pool, spa garden and a wide range of gym equipment.

There are experienced trainers available to offer guidance, support and a professional health check, and key features include:

  • Group yoga
  • Group meditation
  • A wellness talk by expert nutritionist
  • A choice of afternoon group activity: 3k lakeside walk, swim in the 200m open air lake, paddleboarding or assault course
  • Meals in the Portrait Bar

Patricia Dublin, Leisure and Spa Manager at Bicester Hotel and Spa said: "It is so important to take time out of our stressful and busy lives to look after our health and wellness, mentally and physically.  We feel that our three-day wellness retreat, offering a daily structure, will leave guests feeling rested and rejuvenated.  As well as couples, the retreat can be a very attractive idea to solo travellers as they will be spending time with a group of like-minded, supportive people. Wellness retreats are also a good way for guests wishing to step out of their comfort zone, to try something new which inspires them to learn, take healthy risks, leading to positive outcomes.  The Wellness retreat options allow you to either kickstart your fitness or weight loss plan with healthy eating talks, exercise classes and swims, or you can take the holistic approach to the retreat and take the time to concentrate on your mental wellbeing with meditation classes, detoxing and spa treatments.  Whatever activities you choose to do over the three days you will leave with a positive feeling.  We aim to inspire, build confidence and motivate you throughout the retreat."

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