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Tried and tested: Tribe517 natural skincare

Natural luxury without fuss

‘It’s good enough to eat’ is a well-worn phrase, but in the case of Tribe517’s ONE natural skincare collection, it seems entirely fitting. The range of three products includes a cream, an oil and a scrub, all of which have a rich chocolate orange scent thanks to the use of pure cocoa butter and a handful of carefully selected ingredients. Here’s what we thought…

Firstly, by way of introduction, you may recall that we recently interviewed Claire Caddick about the Tribe517 brand. The product line is (part) of all her hard work. The other part is her therapist training and exquisite spa treatments (using her products) available at select locations around the UK, such as Breedon Priory and Manor House Hotel - Alsager.

Tribe 517
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It’s also worth pointing out that Tribe517 does have more than these three products available, but these are designed to be one product for anyone who wants to use them (men or women), as well as one product for face and body. The idea is that you don’t need hundreds of products and hours of time to have an excellent skincare routine.

Products come in generous sized glass jars - Claire was ahead of the curve when it came to recyclable packaging, opting for it well before it became fashionable to do so. Products are sustainable and natural, created at Beddau Farm in South Wales, with each ingredient hand selected and blended for efficacy, fragrance and texture. So what can you expect?

Tribe517 natural skincare products

ONE Cream

This cream is like a soufflé - it’s incredibly rich but somehow light at the same time, quickly absorbed and making you feel as though you have just bathed in essential oils. Described as a ‘superfood cream’, it’s made from cocoa butter, avocado and cabbage seed oils, as well as orange, helichrysum and vanilla essential oils, offering vitamins ACE and omega to repair heal and promote healthy skin.

A little goes a long way, and those with oily skin will want to be sparing. We loved it, especially in the transition period from winter to spring, where skin often feels dried out with the changing temperatures.



For face and body, men and women, for cleansing, make-up removal, as a body oil, massage oil and for use while shaving, ONE Oil is a true multipurpose product. Containing similar ingredients to its cream counterpart (avocado and cabbage seed oils, as well as orange, helichrysum and vanilla essential oils), it too promotes healthy skin and healing, with a very small amount going a very long way.

You don’t need to add a moisturiser afterwards if you use it to cleanse, although you may wish to use it in conjunction with a toner, especially if you have been in the city. Personally I used this to remove make-up and general grime, followed by my regular cleanser and toner, and then a moisturiser top up if I felt like it. It definitely felt like I was being gentler with my skin, leaving it feeling cared for and restored as a result.


ONE Scrub

This was my favourite product in the collection - an effective scrub that can be used on both face and body but without feeling overly abrasive. Once again, it contains avocado and cabbage seed oils, as well as orange, helichrysum and vanilla essential oils along with cocoa butter and added coconut sugar for that exfoliating effect.

Much like the oil, I liked using it after my regular face and body washes. With the oils that it contains you don’t feel the need to moisturise when you step out of the shower, which makes that morning routine super simple and it smells delicious.


Overall, I adored this product line. As much as I love a day of all out pampering, during the working week when I’m in a rush, I still want to feel cared for but I need things that don’t take a lot of time. Multi-purpose products are a dream, and these are a favourite. I also love the glass packaging and the size of the products, which definitely feels like you’re getting a good return on your investment. I think the fact that they smell so lovely also encourages a few deep breaths as you go through your routine too, which is a great way to relax and enjoy a little home aromatherapy. Where skin is especially dry or sensitive I would counsel patch testing just as these products do contain essential oils, and everyone responds differently to those.

Overall, it’s a little spa experience to enjoy right at home, and who couldn’t use more of that in their lives?!

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