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Tried and Tested: MONU Massage Candle Treatment

When’s Product Manager, Sarah Hill visited The Chelsea Harbour Hotel she found a spa treatment that turned out to be a little work of magic…

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I have had massage candles at home before. They are lovely - the warm oil is perfect for using as a moisturiser, especially after a long day in cold weather. It’s always a welcome treat. Combine it with professional expertise however, and it’s into another world!

So after a consultation at The Chelsea Harbour Hotel along with a comprehensive tour of the facilities I was taken to the changing rooms where I was given an extremely large locker my soft fluffy robe and comfy slippers; I was ready for my MONU Massage Candle Treatment.

I had chosen the very unusual MONU Massage Candle treatment, which was a unique to Monu and The Chelsea Harbour Hotel. Louise, my therapist, was an ex-nurse who, having been in the industry for over 20 years had an amazing level of knowledge and experience and explained everything about the treatment before we started.

So, as it turns out, it is available in two aromatherapy blends so that the candle can be matched to your needs, the candle is lit and as the flame melts the warm oils which are used to help unwind and relax tired muscles. Characteristically I also asked lots of questions and specified a variety of requirements as I was keen to get the most from the treatment and the result was wonderful.

Louise incorporated a posture test which then became the focal point of the treatment because my right side was higher than my left; I then had the choice of choosing the relaxing candle or the reviving candle and having smelled the two I chose the reviving option with grapefruit and lemongrass… safe to say it worked a treat! Relaxed, revived, and ready to sing the praises of the spa, the treatment, and the therapist!

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