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What are the benefits of giving a Gift of Spa voucher?

There’s a reason why gift vouchers have stood the test of time as a way of giving gifts - they allow you to give something big, meaningful and thoughtful, simply and easily. Sometimes however, you don’t want to make it about the price tag, and that’s where’s Gift of Spa vouchers are perfect.

Focusing on the beauty and meaning of the spa experience, the Classic and Deluxe Gift of Spa range of spa gift vouchers enables you to give someone a choice of experiences when it comes to where and when they redeem their spa voucher at more than 300 spas in the UK and Ireland.

Gift vouchers might be for a spa day or an overnight spa break and for one person or two. They can be for something as simple but effective as a treatment and use of facilities or including meals, spa treatments and all the bells and whistles.

If you know the value of a spa experience, you will know all too well how meaningful it can be for someone you care about. So with a Gift of Spa voucher you can give them all that as well, without them having to know the cost.


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