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What you need to know about [ COMFORT ZONE ] spa treatments for menopause

Victoria Trueman, Education and Training Manager UK, explains what you need to know about [ COMFORT ZONE ]’s menopause treatments.

[ COMFORT ZONE ] is one of the spa world’s leading brands, known for their beautiful products and treatments. Characterised by the quality of their training as well as their regenerative, effective, made-in-Italy products, treatments, and rituals, they have now created dedicated treatments and products to support women in menopause. Victoria Trueman, Education and Training Manager UK explained what the treatments are, how they help and why this is such an important space for wellbeing.

What is [ COMFORT ZONE ]’s menopause offering?

We started focusing on menopause back in 2019 and since then, have worked with two incredible specialists from our Scientific Committee nutri-dermatologist Dr Maria Bucci and British holistic hormone expert Dr Alyssa Burns Hill, to develop our treatment offering further. Our updated menu is now more inclusive of all stages of the menopause (including post and perimenopause).

What do menopause treatments and experiences involve?

For our core treatment – the SUBLIME SKIN HORMONE-AGING™ facial and massage – we have focussed on two main objectives. Using two special massage techniques, Dermal Petrissage and Kobido, the treatment aims to enhance the functional performance of the professional products which stimulate cellular communication to support regeneration of the skin. We also provide support to the client on an emotional level by offering comfort and serenity from start to finish, which can often be compromised by hormonal imbalances. We also have various other treatments available*, depending on each individual’s skin needs, and which phase of the menopause they are be experiencing.

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How are treatments tailored to women experiencing menopause?

The guest’s journey is unique. It goes beyond a typical skincare treatment, addressing both the physical and emotional strains that women go through during this period of their life.

We know that skin starts to rapidly lose collagen after entering the menopause and it can wreak havoc on the skin. When the effects of these hormonal fluctuations present themselves on the skin, they often appear as things like severe dryness, thinning, wrinkles or sagging.

In order to target these effects, the products in our SUBLIME SKIN collection incorporate [ COMFORT ZONE ]’s Archi Lift™ and Cell-Support Technology™ to support the cells and restore the skin to optimal functionality. Carefully selected, active ingredients such as Biotech Marine Extract promotes the synthesis of new collagen while Maracuja Oil (rich in Vitamin E) has the ability to enhance skin regeneration. The range is re-densifying, regenerating and nourishing, with rich oil-based textures that offer a more luxurious feel and great barrier protection.

After the facial, the therapist concludes with a comforting massage on the upper back, neck and shoulders - giving the guest a reassuring touch as if to say ‘you’re beautiful, you’re important, now you are ready to go out and enjoy life.’

What made you want to focus on menopause?

At [ COMFORT ZONE ] we knew there was a real need for this type of skincare. We’ve integrated professional treatments, a home care regime, and lifestyle advice, to support women approaching this, often challenging, stage of their life with more positivity.

Do you think wellbeing for women in menopause is improving?

Yes absolutely, but I believe we still have a long way to go.

What are the most common things that women in menopause talk to you about?

There can be a number of things, such a lack of sleep, hot flushes or changes in their mood, but I tend to find they often seek advice around mental health and the constantly evolving changes in their skin.

What role do you think the spa and wellbeing industry has to play supporting women in menopause?

Every spa should look to dedicate a space on their treatment menu for this phase of life so women know that they are being supported through this journey. It is fundamental for every spa therapist to understand what is happening within the skin before, during and after menopause in order to provide professional solutions to this phase of life.

Further to this, therapists should have the knowledge to pass on precious lifestyle tips that compliment their skin and health to encourage maximum comfort during the treatment and any subsequent home care. [ COMFORT ZONE ] provides training to all it’s therapists, including younger individuals so they can fully understand and empathise with their mature clients.

[ COMFORT ZONE ] treatments are available at spas across the UK. For example, you can experience a range of their therapies at The Club at Chilworth Manor.

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