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Why detoxing your emotions is the key to achieving your 2019 goals

It’s all very well doing a body detox after the last month of revelry, but when it comes to long term resolutions it will only get you so far.  Here, multi award-winning intuitive healer Sinead d’Hora explains why detoxing your emotions and visualising your goals are the practical solutions to a truly happy and healthy New Year…

It is that time of the year again where we are being bombarded with people telling us the importance of making New Year’s resolutions as well as telling us how we should all be ‘detoxing’ after the Christmas splurge.

I don’t know about you, but I feel so overwhelmed with the idea of having to make a resolution and having to go on a detox when all I want is to cuddle up in front of the fire with a nice hot tea and hide away from the freezing, cold weather. So, this year, I have been guided through intuition to do something very different but even more productive…

Instead of setting unrealistic targets for yourself which result in you feeling frustrated, guilty and annoyed down the line, why not try at least one or all the techniques below:

Detox your emotion

As wonderful as Christmas is, it can also be a challenging time on our energies due to the high vibrations and pressure we put on ourselves to buy the ‘perfect’ gifts, and to be outstanding hosts to our loved ones among other things. Have you noticed the number of tired souls around you now?

How can we focus on sticking to new resolutions and detoxing our bodies when we are not focused on our minds? Do you have any fear, limiting beliefs or challenging emotions being held in your body from 2018 or from the Christmas period? If so, try this:

1.Get two sheets of paper.  2.On one sheet, in bullet points write a list of your beliefs about yourself.  Your worries, emotional strain/burden from others. Write down anything that you want to remove from your mind and body. 3.It is time to turn your fears and limiting beliefs into positive affirmations, for example, If one of your fears is “I am not good enough”, firstly you must define what ‘enough’ means to you and then rewrite your fear to an affirmation that works for you such as “I am a beautiful soul who evolves every day, and I commit to accepting who I am for all that I am.” 4.Once you have written your new affirmations, you must do a little cleansing ritual.  You can burn the first sheet of paper or bury it and allow that energy and worry to be released to the universe, knowing that you have now redefined what you want to attract in 2019.

Break it down

Do you have something you want to achieve this year?

If yes, great! If no, don’t worry - you will soon enough! I often say the phrase “a dream without a plan is just a dream, but a dream with a plan is a goal” Why is it that New Year’s resolutions never seem to last past March?

In my opinion, it is because we do not break them down with a fine-tooth comb and we don’t understand our ‘WHY’ for wanting to achieve the goal in the first place. Let’s change our ways and make sure we exceed in all that we do for 2019.

  1. There are two things you can do here. If you have a goal, then start by visualising how you will feel this time next year in 2020.Visualise everything about your goal and how you achieved it. Then start to see your goal being completed in reverse. In other words, break it down working back from December 2019 to January 2019 and see how that unfolds. This will help you to gain a clear perspective on what you can do every single week to ensure you reach your goals and bring your dreams to life. 
  2. If you don’t yet know what your goal is for the year, then let’s create them month by month. Create your own ‘goals’ calendar and at the end of each month, in bullet points state what you want to achieve for the month ahead. Don’t just leave it at that, let us take it one step further and create a step by step plan to achieve that goal.  For example: If you want to cook the world’s greatest lasagne start by listing the ingredients you need. Then create the step process that you need to cook the lasagne. State the temperature the oven needs to be, how long you prep the food for, how long you cook for, the side dish that goes with it, how you will display it etc. The more specific you can be, the easier it is for you to achieve it. 
  3. And lastly, before setting any goals ask yourself “why do I want to do this?” “how will I or others benefit from this?” Your ‘why’ is your motivation, your ‘why’ is your drive, your ‘why’ is your passion and purpose. Without it, your dreams will just remain dreams. 

Whatever you decide to create for yourself this year, it is vital to stay in your own lane and do what is right for your body, mind and soul. Only you hold the power over your emotions, over the life you lead and over your reality. Let’s rid ourselves from limiting beliefs and start living our worth. 

Dedicate this year to something, a year of being you! 


About Sinead

“I did not tell her anything and her readings were spot on.  I felt so relaxed and recharged after her session, it was truly amazing.” 

Elle magazine

Fusing a variety of skillsets in her practice, Sinead is an intuitive healer, motivational speaker and writer.  She is trained in a multitude of alternative therapies and philosophies ranging from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and counselling to reiki, energy healing and numerous massage techniques. 

At the core of her practice is her intuitive approach, she listens and helps you to achieve your goals ranging from wellbeing to professional.  She has been awarded the Association of professionals, consultants, trainers and coaches Women’s Mentor of The Year 2016, Best Practitioner 2017 at the Business Awards, and Best New Business 2017 from Holistic Therapist Magazine.

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