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Why it works … Relaxing Foot Ritual

Your feet must be the most hard working part of your body, but how often do you give them the attention they really need to make up for squeezing them into that perfect pair of stilettos, or running around on them all day?  While’s Vicky Benning tests the merchandise, The Cheltenham Chase Hotel’s Senior Therapist Sam Cairns explains how to treat your feet with Q Hotel’s Relaxing Foot Ritual. 

What does the ritual include?

It starts with an exfoliation on the feet and lower legs, which is then removed using hot mitts; followed by a massage using an essential oil balm on the feet and legs, and targeting reflexology pressure points.

Where does it come from?

The treatment is inspired by reflexology, which originated in Egypt and uses pressure points on the feet as a map of the body and can be targeted to help rebalance an individual.

What is it supposed to do?

It is a really comforting and relaxing treatment because of the massage, while the exfoliation helps to remove dry, hard skin as well.

Is there anything you do to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment?

Our treatment rooms have salt lamps (low lighting) and music, and clients lie on a couch - it’s very warm and cosy.  We also recommend combining the treatment with either a scalp massage or a file and polish on your toenails , particularly if you are having a Q Ritual which involves two mini treatments - that way you feel as though you have been pampered from top to toe!

Is there anything you recommend clients to do pre or post-treatment to get the most out of it?

The treatment is pretty self contained so there isn’t much you should or shouldn’t do beforehand.  I would recommend not painting your nails before the treatment, and letting the oils soak in for a little while afterwards, so leave it a while before going into the pool.  As it does include massage which helps to eliminate toxins you should make sure you drink lots of water for the rest of the day as well.

Is there anyone you particularly recommend the treatment for?

Because it is unobtrusive it’s very good for people who are uncomfortable having a full body massage where you remove most of your clothing.  It’s also great for pregnant women, or just someone looking to really relax.

Is there anyone who shouldn’t have this treatment and why?

If you have any foot ailments such as verrucas or warts or other infectious conditions then you will need to wait until it has cleared before you have the treatment.  If you have recently broken any bones in your feet then you will also need to advise the therapist beforehand to discuss whether or not it can be adapted for you.

What Vicky Benning thought … 

I really enjoyed the foot ritual, it’s so relaxing to have your feet massaged, and made a change from the back, neck and shoulder massage I would usually opt for.

To visit The Cheltenham Chase Hotel head to or contact the team on: 0800 043 6600.

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