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Why real men need to relax

Everybody needs a (spa) break - including men.

The conversation around health and wellbeing - physical, mental and emotional - has grown exponentially over the past 10 years, and that is something I am enormously thankful for.

Over time, I have seen friends, family and loved ones struggle with their wellbeing in lots of different ways and the only thing that's certain is that while there might not ever be a perfect answer, by making it ok to talk about whatever one is facing it opens the door to finding help.

What does it mean to relax?

Within that conversation about wellbeing, we also talk a lot about stress and the consequent need to relax. This is an interesting space, and naturally one in which I have a lot of personal interest. However, the challenge with relaxation is that it means different things to different people in different contexts. For some, rest is all about time alone, for others they are energised and refuelled by time with other people. For some, rest is about being on the move, while for others it's about sleep and being still.

The reality is that rest and relaxation is about all of these things and more. Human beings are rich in their complexity and their needs, and over the 16 years I have had, the one thing that I really do know is that variety defines all of us and our needs. That's what we love most about the spa world - the sheer variety that it has to offer, making sure there's something for everyone and every occasion. Whether you want a facial, a detox and time strolling in nature, or a round of golf, a massage and a three-course dinner, this is a nationwide bubble of feel-good-factor that can be tailored to the individual.

In June, my team and I have a particular focus on men's wellbeing, as it is a month that includes Men’s Health Week leading up to Father's Day. Last year we used this time to launch our Real Men Relax campaign, aiming to remove any stigma around men spending time in spas, overcoming the notion of the silent, non-complaining hero and addressing some of the particular stressors that impact men. We were joined by everyone from footballers to farmers who talked about their experiences going to spas and how it helped them.

This year, we are reiterating that message, but we also want to take it a step further - delving into some of the reasons why men need time to relax.

Why do men need time to relax?

When it comes to health and wellbeing all of us have different needs. Some are more susceptible to stress than others, some get sports injuries, some have sensitive skin - the list goes on.

When it comes to men's health there are some areas where people need support but aren't sure where to look or how to ask. For example, according to the government’s national wellbeing survey, men report lower levels of life satisfaction than women. Meanwhile, many of us have heard alarming stats such as:

  • Suicide is the leading cause of death for men under the age of 50 in the UK (NHS England)
  • Men are more likely to experience poor health outcomes (UK Parliament)
  • It's estimated that 40% of men won't talk to anyone about their mental health (Priory)

We don't all show when we aren't feeling our best in the same way. In fact, sometimes we don't quite know how 'not right' we feel until we experience feeling better.

More than a spa break

At we believe taking time, not only to look after our wellbeing, but to enjoy it as well, is not a luxury but a necessity, and one of the best ways to do that is at a spa. This month we're inviting all men to explore and experience, ask questions and find spa breaks to suit different wants, needs and interests when it comes to spa days and breaks.

Whether you or someone you know is not feeling quite themselves, feeling low, stressed, bullied, tired, overwhelmed, or even if you're feeling great and you want to stay feeling that way, we all need a break once in a while. A spa break gives you time to rest, restore and recuperate; feel great, feel quiet and most of all feel safe and supported in your fluffy robe and slippers.

Wherever you go, whatever experience you want to have, whether you want to go on your own, share it with a friend, a group, your partner or your mum, there's no bravado, no need to pretend and no need to support someone else for a while.

Everyone needs a break, and everybody deserves a spa break - including men.

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