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After work spa experiences

Could a spa evening be the new alternative to after work drinks?

There are very few people in the world who don’t want to go on a spa break. It’s pretty universally acknowledged that a little spa self-care is a joyful and positive thing to do. What’s also true, is that with the best will in the world, it can be hard to make the time in our lives to go on one. It’s hard enough to find the time for everything we feel we have to do, let alone the things we want to do as well. Enter Twilight spa breaks - the evening or after work spa experiences that make it easier to bring a little work/life balance into the week.

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More effective after work spa wellbeing

We have all heard the phrases; ‘a little of what you fancy does you good’ or ‘a little and often goes a long way’ - employ them as you will, but they definitely apply to wellbeing maintenance.

We all know that if you go to the gym a little and often it will make much more of an impact than if you go once a month for three hours. If you run once a year it probably won’t do much other than result in very sore legs, but go on a regular basis and you will soon see results. The same applies to a spa break (although an all-singing, all-dancing bucket list spa break is also a very good thing indeed).

Your spa therapist will be the first to tell you that to get the most out of a facial you should use the recommended products at home and have a course of treatments, but that doesn’t just apply to the cosmetic side of the spa experience. Taking time out a little and often can be a powerful way to take care of yourself.

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After work spa for mental wellbeing

We also know that small but regular attention to mind and body has a big impact on mental health as well.

Mental wellbeing charity Mind is an advocate of making wellbeing a part of your week with small but effective actions such as going for regular short walks, getting fresh air, and making the effort to talk to people in the office instead of always sending an email.

The key is in the regularity, which, when it comes to a spa experience, is made all the easier when costs are reduced and timing is made easier by fitting it around your working week.

When it comes to looking after our health on a regular basis, rather than waiting until there’s a full free day in the calendar, the option to have just a little spa experience on any evening of the week, without having to take time off work, will do mind, body and complexion, the world of good. It's also a great way to spend quality time with friends.

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So, instead of after work drinks, could an evening in a thermal suite followed by a massage be the way forward instead?

Benefits to an after work, midweek spa break:

Spa evenings for peace and quiet:

Going on a break in the middle of the week generally means that spas are much quieter - you have more space to yourself as a result tend to get more for your money.

Evening spa breaks are great value for money:

After work spa packages in the middle of the week tend to be much more cost effective as well. Generally because of the aforementioned point that as they are less busy they are able to offer more value in the experience than you might feel you get at the weekend.

Spa evenings for quality time with friends:

Visiting a spa in the evening is a wonderfully healthy alternative to meeting a friend for drinks. It might only be a couple of hours but it is really high quality time, which is so important when time with friends is limited. Instead of shouting at one another over the noise of a busy bar or chain restaurant, cosy up in a robe or lounge about in the steam room and put the world to rights. It’s almost as good as a holiday - almost.

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