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At home Father’s Day ideas to make dad feel special 

Fathers Day ideas

Father’s Day is about celebrating dads and making them feel special, but it’s also about making the space to spend quality time with the father figure in your life. Those two elements of making someone feel special and spending quality time together are the very essence of a spa break. So while a spa gift voucher and gift box will give dads something to look forward to, while we continue to spend time at home, why not bring a little spa inspiration to at home Father’s Day ideas to make dad feel extra special…

Breakfast in bed (a classic)

Breakfast is one of our favourite overnight spa break features. We’re reliably told breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and when it’s prepared at a spa it’s really something special. But we want to let you in on a secret. the only thing better than breakfast at a spa is breakfast in bed made by the people who love you most. So poach those eggs, toast that sourdough and mash those avocados for a spa style breakfast in bed at home. 

At home men’s mani/pedi

Whether he’s a well manicured man by his own volition or predisposed to the kind of hobbit feet that you’ve long been telling him to pay some attention to, Father’s Day is an excellent time to treat dad to the healing powers of a good manicure or pedicure. Now we’re not suggesting painting them in a pearly shade of pink or anything - unless you really want to - but going through the motions of a good hand or foot scrub, massage and cuticle tidy will get him looking and feeling relaxed and totally cared for.


Afternoon tea

We have had incredible weather recently, and what goes with sunshine better than a good old fashioned cream tea? Maybe you will even have fun making a Variety of scones yourself or with the kids in preparation, then go for large dollops of clotted cream, jam and plenty of good old fashioned tea for quality time together in one of our favourite spa traditions at home.


A picnic in the garden

We love a good spa garden, and with the sun shining now it is an excellent time to bring multiple joys together with good food and the great outdoors together with family time. If you have your own garden then why not get outside with a rug big enough for the whole family to sit on, make all of Dad’s favourite things and make the day something special within the comfort of your own surroundings. Or if the sun happens not to shine where you are or there isn’t a safe outdoor space to venture to, then we’re big fans of a carpet picnic in the house too!

Gift ideas: homemade shave oil 

For a Father’s Day gift idea that fuses wellbeing, lots of thought and a gift that he can continue to use after the day itself, why not take the time to prepare his very own aromatherapy inspired shaving oil? Perhaps you will use lavender and sweet marjoram essential oils to ease stress, chamomile to soothe or black pepper, ylang-ylang, and ginger essential oils to energise. Or maybe you will choose your own combination!



Temple Spa Father's Day gift

Father’s Day gift ideas even at a distance

For lots of us, who either don’t live with our dads or live too far away for a socially distant park gathering, this Father’s Day will mean having to make do with a chat on the phone/ video call and saving our quality time together until later. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t treat him to a Father’s Day gift that’s about quality time and showing you care. Our spa gift vouchers have teamed up with Temple Spa for a gift box of men’s skincare products that can be used at home, in the gym or on that next work trip when it comes about. That means he gets something to enjoy today as well as a spa break to look forward to in the not too distant future.


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