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Enjoy the wellness benefits of a spa from the comfort of your own home

The spa at home guide by Spabreaks.com

One of the wonderful things about spa experiences are the ideas they give us for continuing and enhancing wellbeing at home. While a facial or manicure at a spa, surrounded by all those lovely facilities, is wonderful, wellbeing is something that we all need to take care of all the time. So you can definitely find inspiration from spa therapists and their words of wisdom, to have your very own spa day, evening or treatment at home, whether it’s by yourself, with friends, or even with the kids. From facials to manicures and pedicures at home, beautiful products and advice available from talented therapists at some of the world’s leading spas and spa hotels, mean that you can relax and unwind from the comfort of your own space and on your own schedule.

An experience for all

What do I need for a spa day at home?

One of the real beauties of a spa day at home is that you can make it exactly how you want. We've teamed up with skincare and wellness experts, Temple Spa, to share some top-tips on how to create a blissful spa experience from home.

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Aromatherapy at home

To practice aromatherapy at home, you can order a few essential oils of choice online to help set the scene - Aromatherapy Associates have extremely high quality products available. Or perhaps you have herbs growing in the garden that you can put to therapeutic use.

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Relax at home with Temple Spa

Our spa wellness partner and skincare experts, Temple Spa, share their top tips on how to spa from the comfort of your own home. A range of Temple Spa gift sets are available with all Spabreaks.com gift vouchers, meaning you can follow these steps and spa at home whilst you countdown to your next spa trip!

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How do you do a spa manicure or pedicure?

You will need: a high quality nail file, a luxurious scrub, a rich moisturising hand cream, cotton buds, a base coat nail polish, your nail colour of choice. You can adapt your manicure or pedicure as you see fit, but here’s our quick guide to treating those hands and feet.

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How do you do a spa facial?

A good facial can work wonders for relaxation. To do your own spa facial at home, we suggest having the following to hand: essential oil of choice, hot water and a bowl, a towel, cleanser and toner, facial scrub of choice, face mask of choice, and a facial oil and/or nourishing cream to finish.

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How do you do a spa body scrub?

A body scrub can be a really wonderful way to make you feel rejuvenated and refreshed. It can be as simple as using a body brush, or you can take your time to use a scrub either from products or made at home for extra skin boosting qualities and relaxation benefits.

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How do you do a spa massage?

For a full body massage you will need the help of a willing accomplice, but if you’re on your own, or don’t trust the skills of your partner, never underestimate the power of a hand or foot massage. You will need an oil or nourishing cream of choice. We suggest focusing on hands and forearms or feet and calves.

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How do you do a spa day for kids?

One of the benefits of being at home is that you can start to introduce your kids to spa-style wellbeing practices that can really inform how they care for themselves, and how they learn to relax and unwind.

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How do you do a teen spa day at home?

Planning a teen spa day at home is, in itself, not that different to the one you might plan for yourself. A lovely combination of relaxing space, nice scents, music, herbal teas and a planned treatment can be wonderful for them to enjoy on their own, with friends, or for parents to share a little wellness with their kids.

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What should I do in home night?

Using spa experiences at home in the evening is a wonderful way to prepare for bed, enhancing your sleep and having a generally positive impact on your health and wellbeing. Another wonderful thing about spa experiences at home, is that you can incorporate them into your routine to help you maintain your overall wellbeing.

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