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Eight of the top mud baths, rasuls and mud treatments

Rasuls and mud treatments speak to the most ancient of healing rituals, but each spa destination has their own take on the tradition, creating new experiences wherever you go.

Rasuls and mud treatments speak to the most ancient of healing rituals, but each spa destination has their own take on the tradition, creating new experiences wherever you go. While many enjoy a rasul for the ability to share such a nurturing therapy with a loved one, others like the self-administered nature of it. Meanwhile, spas that do not have a traditional rasul incorporate some of the best elements into other mud treatments such as decadent wraps. Here is a selection of our top mud baths and mud treatments at UK spas.

The rasul room at Whittlebury Hall

The perfect place for group gatherings and wellbeing with friends, Whittlebury Hall is well known for its wide variety of spa experiences including an extensive thermal suite. Amongst them is the rasul chamber for mud bathing, using self-applied Chakra mud, herb-infused steam and heat to provide a detoxifying, relaxing and nourishing spa experience, cleansing the body inside and out. This fun and welcoming destination is perfect for feeling pampered, preened and getting party ready together.

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Pennyhill Park mud treatments

A famously luxurious spa destination with a whole world of wellbeing experiences available, a mud treatment is the perfect complement to a day at Pennyhill Park. After relaxing in their thermal pools, which move seamlessly from inside to outside, head to their mud room for a chance to enjoy applying muds and scrubs before indulging in the warmth of the relaxation chamber. It's an experience that will leave your skin smooth and hydrated, perfect for sharing and for anyone who prefers a self-applied therapy.

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Mud experiences at South Lodge

South Lodge is a luxury hotel in the South Downs, with an eco spa in the grounds, complete with a grass and sedum roof as well as green oak cladding and lots of natural light all make for a peaceful setting. After a dip in the outdoor hydrotherapy pool and swim pond visit The Spa Mud Room. The experience is a traditional Arabian inspired cleansing treatment that combines relaxing enhancing properties of heat, steam and mud leaving your skin beautifully exfoliated and moisturised incorporating English Countryside ingredients that stimulate skin cell regeneration visibly improving the skin’s appearance. The luxurious, self administered, cocooning ritual for two in the privacy of your very own private steam room, it incorporates Pelegrims x South Lodge products which encompass the grape leaf extract from South Lodge's very own vineyard.

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Rasul for two at the Nàdarra Spa

At the enchanting Nàdarra Spa, this private experience puts a Gaelic twist on this therapeutic ritual of Ancient Middle Eastern origin. Start your experience by applying natural and mineral muds and body scrubs from the pure, clean waters of the Hebridean Islands off the coast of Scotland to the face and body. As the heat and steam opens up your pores, the products will stimulate the body to start the detoxifying process. After approximately 20 minutes, a warm shower mist descends, to gently wash away the remaining products, leaving you revitalised from head to toe. As you take a few moments to relax and enjoy the moment, your private bubble bath will be prepared, allowing you to soak up the atmosphere, and ease away any tension.

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the bridge

Rasul mud room at The Bridge

Celebrating their traditional Arabian body bathing ritual experience, The Bridge's rasul mud room is a wonderful way to benefit from a complete top-to-toe treatment instead of just focusing on one area of your body. Enjoy the self-administered muds as they come or add an extra scoop of their Alpine mud for extra relaxation. For the total deluxe treatment, finish by cleansing with natural sea salts infused with peppermint or wild rose for a truly luxurious or revitalising experience.

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Grantley Hall

Bespoke mud treatments at Grantley Hall

There are few places more decadent than Grantley Hall, and within the walls of their exceptional spa, their treatments are second to none. Their mud treatments combine different therapeutic experiences to create something just for you. Their bespoke scrub, mud and potali ritual combines a sound healing from our quartz crystal singing bowl with a foot ritual that opens the ceremony-like healing treatment. Then indulge in a detoxifying salt body scrub and application of three mineral-rich active muds: rare black Peruvian, purple Amazonian and bio-energy green mud. This is then followed by a rose-milk pouring within your private steam room for a fully sensual experience. Afterwards you will enjoy a cool refreshment before receiving an exquisite deep tissue Potali massage with their bespoke Three Graces poultices and warm oil.   

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