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HIIT fitness comes to Bailiffscourt

There’s a new fitness retreat launching at Bailiffscourt Hotel & Spa in the New Year, making use of the beautiful spa and its spectacular location as well as the HIIT phenomenon.


So to give you a little taste of what’s to come, personal trainers Nathalie and Ross explain what it’s all about for a pre and post Christmas fitness boost…

How did you get into HIIT?

We’ve had a background in fitness for years and Ross has trained extensively in martial arts which uses a lot of interval training methods. Knowing the benefits of this style of workout, it has been natural to incorporate it into the fitness programming for our clients alongside other training styles to get the best results and help them to achieve their goals.

What makes HIIT so effective?

It’s fast, fun and doesn’t require a lot of equipment.  HIIT enables people to work at a higher intensity than they would do during a longer workout, but for short, sharp bursts. As the intensity is higher, the workout time can be shorter, making it easy for people to fit it into everyday life.

Working at high intensity (the anaerobic system) and moderate intensity (aerobic system) during the same session will increase your cardiovascular fitness, boost your energy levels, help you to improve your strength and burn more fat than continuous (at times un-inspiring) cardiovascular training. However it all depends on an individual’s goals.  

You should use the right kind of training specific to your goals and your body.  For example, if you want to build big muscles, lift big weights. If you want to burn fat,  you’ve got to HIIT it!

Do you think there are any misconceptions about HIIT?

It’s definitely one of the most popular types of training at the moment and gets results, with lots of people posting their dramatic body transformations on social media. It should be noted that there is no magic pill though, and it’s not something that will transform your body over night, or that should be carried out without proper instruction. Correct nutrition with a healthy exercise routine is a sure recipe for success.

Can anyone do it or is it particularly good for certain goals/personality/body types?

Interval training can be scaled to all ability levels and everyone’s 100% effort is different. However it’s always advisable to check with a professional before beginning any new fitness programme, especially if you have any health conditions that may be compromised by the high intensity exercises.

Start off gently, as the you progress not only will the exercises get more challenging but so will the work/rest ratio. It is popular with people who prefer to do shorter sessions and like the feeling of working hard! Research has been carried out into its fat burning potential. This type of training should always be specific to the person’s goals and consider the type of body shape and ability of the individual, with intensity levels adjusted accordingly.

It’s also worth mixing up workouts in order to target different systems and goals. For example building muscle through resistance training (lifting weights) will help to firm the body up which is just as necessary as getting rid of the fat! This is why our retreats use a range of training styles.

Your new retreat talks about ‘beach burn’ - what are the benefits to working out on the beach (other than the scenery)?

We spend so much time these days staring at screens and in artificial light, it seems a shame to also spend our recreational time in this artificial environment. Working out on the beach allows us to breath in fresh air, stimulate our senses and switch off from the hum of technology.

It brings with it lots of new and inspiring obstacles, offering us natural forms of resistance from sand and hills to walls and trees. We find training outdoors more functional, fun and easily accessible.

Outdoor sessions can give people ideas of ways to bring fitness into their daily lives, for example by simply adding a few sprints into the dog walk or getting the family involved.

What else can people expect from the retreat?

Bailiffscourt Hotel is one of the most beautiful places to be in Sussex. Surrounded by countryside and a short walk from the beach, it is a real sanctuary and opportunity to escape.

Whilst the retreat is fitness based, there is plenty of time to also enjoy the freshly cooked food in the elegant Tapestry Restaurant, relax in the award winning spa and be pampered after your workout.

Everyone on the retreat will also receive an individual consultation where we will set goals and provide a personalised workout and calorific recommendations to take home.

January detoxes are coming up, what’s your pet hate about fitness fads?

Fads, especially detoxes, tend to cut things out for a short amount of time but they don’t often lead to a long-term change in diet and activity because they are not sustainable. There is no quick fix and, for us at least, it’s about helping people to change their lifestyle to something that is both healthy and enjoyable in order to maintain optimal health and fitness.

What’s your top tip for staying fit through the festive season without missing out?

Plan your meals and be as organised as possible. It’s also a great chance to enjoy some quality time with your loved ones. Why not plan for some walks or activities with the family, stay active and create memories instead of sitting in front of the TV!

What’s your top tip for starting 2017 off the right way?

Your New Year’s resolution must be specific, have a time scale and some kind of committed action, like booking and paying for your first 10 sessions with a personal trainer or signing up to an event that requires you to train. Be sure to have the date in your diary!

What’s your favourite way to relax and unwind?

Besides spending time with family, we love being active and outdoors as much as possible and love spending our days off going for a long run over the downs, biking, surfing or more recently, wakeboarding. On cold, rainy days we can be found at the climbing wall, swimming pool or slowing down with some yoga.


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