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Love life with a boost to your health and wellbeing

Valentine's Day is a celebration of love - for others and for yourself.

The last real month of dreary winter weather, February is very much livened up by the red roses and heart-shaped teddies synonymous with Valentine's Day. For those who are in a relationship it's a fun and flirty excuse to shower your loved one with gestures large and small.

However, I think it's also an opportunity to extend the celebration beyond romantic love and into a whole realm of appreciation for the good things in life. It might be traditionally a celebration of your love life, but what if it was just an opportunity to love life in general?

Stepping into spring with spas

February has this slightly metamorphic quality to it - the days are getting longer, it's still winter but the signs of spring are well underway. The daffodils, the snowdrops and the crocuses are all out, the children have their first half term holiday of the year, there's been at least one payday since Christmas and it's not long until the clocks change.

There's a sense of needing to shake off the old and bring in the new - the perfect sentiment for the season. For me, spas have always been sanctuaries capable of providing us with what we need at different times of the year. In the winter they are warming, nurturing and calming; in the summer they can be cooling, healing and soothing; in the spring they offer a real chance to refresh, restore and re-energise.

From thermal journeys that help you detox and relax in mind and body, to invigorating body scrubs, facials, wraps and massages using aromatherapy and skincare that reinvigorates the senses and give you back your glow. Whether you choose to share the experience with a partner, friends or take the time for self-care, these are spaces that are all about love and care.

Just the way you are

For me at least, spas always give me a renewed sense of possibility and wellbeing. They offer a moment in time to stop and remember all the wonderful things in life. With that in mind, however you're spending February, Valentine's Day and Galentine's Day, and whatever stage you find your love life in this year, take the time to love life anyway - exactly the way it is and exactly as you are.

Love life. Book your next spa break.

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