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Can spas support spiritual wellbeing?

“I believe a huge and impactful wellness trend for 2023 is spiritual wellbeing, a term that refers to a person's sense of connection to something larger than themselves, such as a higher power, a set of spiritual beliefs, or a sense of meaning and purpose in life. This aspect of wellbeing is often associated with feelings of peace, contentment, and inner harmony, and it can play an important role in overall health and wellness."

Jenelle Kim, doctor of Chinese medicine and author of Myung Sung: The Korean Art of Living Meditation, was quoted in Forbes, citing spiritual wellbeing as a key wellness trend this year. So, can spas really support spiritual wellbeing?

From a personal perspective, we think this probably depends on two things - what you personally want from your spa experience, and which spa you choose to go to. In a general sense however, Kim's particular take on spirituality is an interesting one, that rings true.

The idea that a sense of peace within your own mind and body can help contribute to a sense of spiritual wellness is one that many seasoned spa goers will identify with. For some, simply having the space to reconnect will contribute towards that goal. For others, specific practices, ranging from mediation and breath work to energy healing treatments will play a more proactive role.

Energy healing: what it is and who it’s for?

5 spa treatments for spiritual wellbeing

Kundalini energy healing and massage

Kundalini is a creative energy that’s held at the base of the spine and is good for releasing stress or providing focus during massage treatments.

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energy healing crystals

The healing power of crystals

Crystal healing is about what your body needs at that particular time. It's very intuitive - some of it is about energy and sometimes you are helped by spiritual ‘guides’. It’s all dependent on the person and it’s always different.

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Aromatherapy: how your sense of smell can change how you’re feeling

One of the most prevalent features of spa treatments is aromatherapy, incorporated into massages, facials, spa facilities and home care. Working on a systemic level, it can have a powerful impact on physical and emotional wellbeing.

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colour therapy

Crystals, colours and chakras

Much like aromatherapy, colour is increasingly believed to have an impact on our psychological outlook and energy levels.

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Gaia Spa

Discover the Gaia Crystal Therapy spa treatment

The Gaia Crystal Therapy spa treatment is the healing therapy designed to help you reconnect with yourself and your body. The ultimate goal of crystal healing is to bring the whole body back to a state of pure unconditional love. This spa treatment is personalised using crystals to douse and discover which chakras are blocked.

Find out more about the Gaia Crystal Therapy spa treatment

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