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Six icy treatments to give you a snow inspired glow

From snow rooms to cryotherapy, the cold is one of our best friends for delivering a healthy glow ❄️

The recent chilly weather got us thinking about the wellbeing benefits of the cold when it's harnessed in the spa environment. From improving focus to easing chronic pain, part of a thermal suite to prepare mind and body for treatments, and boosting circulation, here are five of our favourite ice spa treatments and experiences for an ice queen/king glow…

Generally experienced as part of a thermal suite, ice is an ancient component of health and beauty treatments from the humble plunge pool to some of the more ostentatious snow rooms of the modern spa. Reducing inflammation of the skin, aiding detox, boosting circulation and providing general feel good factor, ice is perhaps one of the more under appreciated elements of a sophisticated beauty routine.


The snow cave at Lion Quays, Shropshire

Formerly a pub, Lion Quays was restored to its hospitable glory by the current owners as a labour of love. Today, the contemporary architecture on the banks of Llangollen Canal, surrounded by verdant countryside, provides an inspired setting for time out. In a spa connected to the hotel by a covered walkway, the hydrotherapy suite includes a snow cave in addition to a starlit lively steam room and a mud rash chamber.

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K west snow cave

The snow cabin at K West Hotel and Spa, London

A celebrity favourite in central London, K West Hotel and Spa is a contemporary and stylish gem. The spa is small and perfectly formed, and experience is at the centre of it with unique rooms including a unique sleep inducing Sun Meadow room designed to offer gentle light therapy to help relieve the symptoms of S.A.D, amongst its assets. It is also home to London’s first snow paradise. Chilled to -15*C, this cabin is reminiscent of a snow drift and is designed to complement the spa’s hot-cold therapy, alternating between steam and ice environments.

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Pennyhill Park snow

The ice cave at Pennyhill Park Hotel and Spa, Surrey

An award-winning spa that was once voted ‘England’s Leading Spa Resort’, Pennyhill Park does everything to luxurious and extensive levels. It is home to a plethora of pools and hydrotherapy facilities, with a ballroom pool complete with underwater music that’s the stuff of dreams. The ice cave is in the mixed-sex thermal area and is perfect after a session in the schnapps steam room.

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Whittlebury hall

The ice cave at Whittlebury Hall, Northamptonshire

The ideal group venue with ample entertainment and an extensive day spa that includes the most phenomenal range of facilities, Whittlebury Hall is a jungle of heat and ice experiences which include aromatherapy crystal steam, caldarium, experience showers, foot spas, hydrotherapy pool, ice cave, roman salt steam, sanarium and tepidarium. The ice cave is where you can rub rock ice over your skin for a freezing boost… best to try when you’re feeling brave…

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Rockliffe hall igloo

The igloo room at Rockliffe Hall, County Durham

One of the most elegant spas in the country, Rockliffe Hall is a really exceptional experience featuring contemporary, flawless design. Set within 375 acres of beautiful countryside, on the banks of the River Tees, the spa has all the facilities you could want, including its own igloo room, where you are invited to work handfuls of ice over the body between heat rooms, to stimulate lymphatic systems and circulation whilst cooling and refreshing.

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Cryotherapy at Fairmont Windsor Park, Berkshire

Cryotherapy, essentially cold therapy, has long been used by top-level athletes to support their rapid physical recovery after training or an event. However, this temperature-based treatment has also been shown to deliver a range of other wellbeing benefits from improving mood to pain relief. Traditionally gas fuelled, Fairmont Windsor Park has installed an electric version, which allows for an even distribution of the air across the body from toes to nose, for optimum results. It accommodates up to five people, and you head in for up to three minutes at a time, resulting in an almost addictive euphoria and feeling of wellness.

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