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Summer skincare tips and spa treatments

Spa experts offer their skincare and spa treatment advice for looking and feeling your best from prolonging that tan to maintaining a healthy glow.

summer skincare

From pre and post holiday spa treatments to at home summer skincare tips, looking after your skin in the sun, with sweat, sunscreen and swimming added into the mix, needs a few tweaks so we asked a spa expert for their advice.

Home and holiday summer skincare tips

  1. Keep a cooling mist in the fridge that you can use on the beach or by the pool. ESPA Floral Spafresh Spritzer is perfectly enriched with flower waters to refresh and comfort the skin. Rose and geranium helps to soothe and protect.
  2. Lips are very delicate and can dry out and burn in the sun. Use a lip balm with an SPF and apply regularly to keep them hydrated and protected.
  3. Hot showers after sun exposure further dry out your skin. Having a cool shower after excess sweating helps keep the skin unoccluded, decreasing acne breakouts.
  4. One of the most effective ways to exfoliate during the summer is to use a scrub on dry skin before you shower. Pay special attention to knees and elbows. And finish with a rich body cream or oil.
  5. Cantaloupe is the melon of choice for beautiful summer skin. The sweet fruit is rich in antioxidants and delivers a unique hydration to the skin, resulting in a radiant complexion.
  6. The sun can be particularly harsh on the delicate skin around the eye area. Apply ESPA 24 hour Replenishing eye moisturiser, it’s packed with antioxidants and the texture is light, and very fast absorbing in the skin, which is important during the hot and humid days of summer
  7. Bikinis give no protection from the sun. Before hitting the beach, apply your SPF to the whole body, naked, and let it dry before putting your swimmers on. An average t-shirt only gives protection of an SPF 8!
  8. Try non-comedogenic products. This is important to remember for sunscreen too, but may impact you more if you moisturise often and are prone to acne. Non-comedogenic beauty products are designed not to clog pores (which can lead to irritation and blemishes). This is especially important in summer when hot and humid weather leads to sweat, which takes a longer time to evaporate off your skin, and combining that with oily products isn’t exactly a party for your pores. Go the oil-free or non-comedogenic route to ward off pimples.
  9. Water is your best friend!

“An average t-shirt only gives protection of an SPF 8!”

Summer skincare products

ESPA Pro Defence SPF 15

A pioneering daily UV sun protector with SPF 15, ESPA Pro Defence SPF that creates an ultra-light skin shield and helps provide protection from environmental damage. Golden Seaweed, knotgrass and chicory root extracts help provide protection from environmental exposure and hydrates skin, restoring its natural strength. Suitable for all skin types.

Elemis Skin Nourishing Body Lotion

Rich in nourishing starflower and camellia tea seed oils, this indulgent body cream replenishes and softens dry skin. Soothing organic oat extract blended with intensely hydrating milk protein and skin protecting vitamin E, leaves skin silky soft, smooth and supple. Excellent for very dry skin.

Elemis Skin Nourishing Milk Bath

This unique balancing formula leaves the skin feeling nourished. The milk protein base, rich in vitamins, amino acids and minerals contains natural plant collagen from Japanese camellia oil and oat extract. Excellent for excessively dry skin conditions.

“Cantaloupe is the melon of choice for beautiful summer skin.”

Pre/post holiday summer spa treatments

A brush with heaven at Bailiffscourt Hotel and Spa

At the beautiful Bailiffscourt Hotel and Spa, one of the best experiences you can give yourself this summer is their aptly named, 90-minute treatment, A brush with Heaven. A totally relaxing face and body treatment using a selection of brushes of varying sizes and textures, it's designed to stimulate and smooth the skin.

Once covered in a rich warm body oil, you will be cocooned and treated to an exclusive facial treatment carried out entirely with brushes. Great for toxifying the skin, brushing is perfect for preparing the skin pre-holiday for a more even and longer lasting tan.

Book a spa break at Bailiffscourt Hotel and Spa

A Water Hydration Facial at Ockenden Manor Hotel and Spa

As the name suggests, this is the treatment to give your skin the dewy, healthy look after time in the sunshine. The heat is great but it can dry skin out a little, so the 60-minute Water Hydration Facial at Ockenden Manor Hotel and Spa is perfect.

A facial that leaves your skin plumped, firmed, nourished and intensely moisturised, making it ideal for dry, mature or tired skin….and the perfect pre or après flight treatment. They use patented hydration technology, Hyaluronic Acid, Olive Squalane, Collage and bio-oils rich in Omega 3, 6, and 9 to dramatically improve the absorption of nutrients in to the skin.

Book a spa break at Ockenden Manor

Balancing Journey at Inhabit, Queen’s Gardens

At this tranquil, stylish London hotel and spa, the experience is all about wellbeing, especially on their aptly named, Balancing Journey. It is a whole experience to get you in the holiday mood (or continue it once you get home), and centres around a hot stone massage using warm volcanic stones to soothe aches and pains, relieving muscle tension. The Balancing Journey continues with a nurturing Jade facial - known as the healing stone, the Jade crystal wands help to relieve tension in the muscles, encourage blood flow, and help eliminate fine lines. The restorative properties allow cells to rebind themselves, leaving your skin firmer and radiant. You’ll leave feeling restored and emotionally balanced and your skin with that summer glow.

Book a spa break at Inhabit, Queen’s Gardens

Tan enhancer at Away Spa W Hotel

At W London's Away Spa in the heart of Soho, enjoy the healing powers of Italian skincare brand [COMFORT ZONE], and their super summery SUN SOUL collection. Within the dedicated Sun My Soul spa experience you can enjoy a Sun Soul Massage and a Sun Soul Scrub with Tan Maximiser Application.

As the names suggest, these treatments are all about maximising your glow. The SUN SOUL products are nourishing, anti-ageing and glorious to experience. The scrub will help smooth skin, detox and remove dead skin cells, while hydrating the skin. Then, their tan maximiser (also available in an at-home version), helps to prepare the skin to sun exposure and reach a more intense and prolonged tan.

Book a spa break at W London, Away Spa

Sensationally summer at Foxhills Club and Resort

The perfect way to prepare for a summer holiday, luxury spa Foxhills delivers a complete package experience, with their Sensationally Summer spa day. It includes a 40-minute salt scrub as well as a mini manicure and pedicure. The key to this one is in the salt scrub, which invigorates the skin, nourishes and helps prepare for an even tan (real or fake).

Book a spa break at Foxhills Club and Resort

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