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Top spas for a good night’s sleep

From in-room meditation guides to spa treatments that literally help you to float away, these are some of our favourite spa destinations for a good night's sleep.

Sleep is such a fundamental part of our wellbeing, vital for both our mental and physical health, and impacting everything from our concentration to our weight.

Lots of things impact our sleep from the atmosphere around us to nutrition, stress levels, anxiety and the amount of screen time we have. Not only that, but the quality of our sleep makes a difference to how we feel as well.

The relaxing nature of a spa experience almost always has a positive impact on our nocturnal wellness, but if we had to choose particularly special destinations for a good night’s sleep then these would definitely be amongst them.

For urban rest and relaxation: Inhabit, Queen’s Gardens

Inhabit, Queen’s Gardens is a truly unique hotel and wellbeing experience in London, offering rest and relaxation at every interaction. Alongside Scandi interiors and sustainable details, everything they do is about restoring mind, body and soul. Amongst their carefully considered details however, is the bespoke Inhabit Sleep Kit in your room. It includes a magnesium sleep spray, a silk eye mask and cashmere bed socks - perfect for snuggling up.

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For a rural night's sleep: Ockenden Manor

There are lots of reasons to get a good night's rest at Ockenden Manor, from the tranquility of the rural surroundings to the peaceful atmosphere at the country retreat. However, amongst their particular attributes is their Isopod floatation tank, which allows you to drift off in peace. Filled with Epsom salt water you literally float amidst mood lighting and underwater music, your body weightless and suspended in time so it doesn't have to do any work whatsoever. The therapy is 60-minutes long and is perfect for helping your mind to stop chattering and be still. Follow it with a full body massage for maximum benefit.

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Sleep like state at Lion Quays

Taking advantage of technology, the contemporary Lion Quays hotel and spa in Shropshire has their finger on the pulse of modern wellness. Amongst their many positive features, their Welnamis bed brings you to a sleep state to envy courtesy of computer-controlled acoustic and vibrational therapy that trains the brain to relax. Described as ‘a binaural acoustic and dynamic stimulation’, the Welnamis bed uses audio frequencies to quiet the mind. It’s a spa treatment without touch, enhancing the benefits of other therapies like massage, but also a therapeutic experience in its own right. The bed offers four different levels of relaxation (Touch, Gentle, Deep and Energy), in 30- or 60-minute sessions. Like a guided meditation, the bed works on multiple levels where specific sounds slow down mental activity and vibrational frequencies act specifically on the energy centres (chakras) of the body. It’s based on Quantum Harmonic audio therapy, delivering symptom-reducing and resilience-building multi-layered programs through stereo headphones. The result is an almost dreamlike state, which allows the body to feel fully relaxed as if you’re asleep, letting the mind wander and hopefully leading to positive thoughts and dreams.

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Beditation at The Chilworth

Paddington Boutique Spa at The Chilworth is an urban sanctuary in the heart of Paddington, London. A restored, elegant townhouse, they fuse historic glamour with the best of modern wellbeing, and a key part of that is making sure you rest easy. Wellbeing is integrated into your whole experience here, from nutritious nibbles, organic coffee infused with vitamins and Pukka teas to vitamin-infused waters and a yoga mat ready and waiting for you, and an in-room guide to help you meditate. After time in the sauna, steam room and Jacuzzi, return to your room where you will find a sleep kit complete with slumber-inducing essentials like an aromatherapy mist, a sleep mask and ear plugs. Settle in by ordering a Moon Milk – a milky bedtime drink with a dusting of sleep-friendly spices like nutmeg, cinnamon and turmeric - before bed, and use their ‘Beditation’ guide to help you switch off.

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