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Treatments from around the world for the ultimate wellbeing traveller

Travel is a visceral experience that encompasses all the senses, and for those with true wanderlust, these are the spa treatments that add a new level to the travel experience…

Native american traveller

Native American inspired therapies

A spectacular destination spa in the heart of Sedona in Arizona, Mii Amo is known as a place of self discovery and unique Ayurvedic wellbeing. Included in their very wide range of speciality treatments, mindfulness and meditation, they offer a collection of Native American inspired treatments that really are magical. For example, Spirit of the New Moon - Manifesting which heralds the new moon as the best time for manifesting your deepest desires and wishes. So the treatment begins with you writing down your intention for the coming months, followed by a foot bath and a full body massage. Another favourite is Soul Seeker, where a master therapist provides techniques to help support a heightened awareness, a new perspective, or reconnection with your inner self. The techniques used may include guided imagery, energy soul journeying, emotional release and breath work.


Cloud treatments in Lithuania

At the magical IDW Esperanza Resort and Spa in Lithuania, the Cloud treatment is one of many innovative therapies. It was created when an artist from Vienna used sha philosophy and holistic treatment to create a machine that enables full relaxation of the body and soul, a much-needed experience in the face of daily tensions, stress, and intense emotions. Cloud 9 imitates two clouds floating above each other to form a pleasant environment: sky decorations, mild flowing lights and colours, sound compositions reminiscent of deep breathing, and light rocking. All together this evokes a warm and cozy cradle; 20 minutes of time spent this way replace two hours of deep sleep.


sand traveller

Sand burial treatment in Oman

A tented hotel resort, Dunes by Al Nahda is a real escape to a mystical land, but without any loss of luxury. A five star destination, they put their most abundant asset to excellent use with the Sand Burial treatment, combines the beneficial effect of the heat from the sand with its naturally occurring minerals. You start by using the sunken hot sand tubs to cover yourself in sanitised sand up to your neck, then you’re wrapped in fabric with fresh fruits over your eyes and a liquid aloe vera mask to your face. A mix of milk, wine and oils are then softly poured over the body and after 20 minutes before you move to a relaxation area and a creamy yogurt is applied to your body. The treatment then finishes with a massage.


Quartz bed massage in Spain

From the luxury Kempinski hotel group, the brand creates its own holistic treatments using an international approach to healing. One of their signature treatments is the Quartz Bed Massage featuring the healing warmth of a quartz sand bed. Based on the ancient Greek concept of ‘psammotherapy’, the treatment uses warm sand to relax the body and alleviate pain or discomfort. During the massage, a heated poultice of the same sandy crystals is periodically pressed along the body, targeting tight spots and acting as an extension of the therapist’s hands in a 50 or 80 minute treatment.


Olive oil and red wine massages in Italy

Olive oil and wine are intrinsic parts of a Tuscan holiday, and at Castel Porrona, the experience extends into the spa. Massages and rituals at this beautiful hotel and spa, have been created with the areas natural properties in mind, and as such include body scrubs using olive oil, and massages where oil is scented with Rosso Nobile wine for a relaxing and regenerating sensation for mind and body.



The Mayan jade experience in Mexico

At the Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach Cancún in Mexico, the poulent hotel is home to the Gem Spa, which offers treatments utilizing chakra-balancing gems. The Mayan jade experience is a four hands massage believed to stabilise energy and lasting 80 minutes. In Mayan culture the jade is revered as the “sovereign of harmony,” known for bringing peace to the mind and body. So during this treatment, two therapists inspire a double dose of calm by massaging the body with jade stones.


Ghassoul in Morocco

At the elegant Mazagan Beach and Golf Resort, their signature treatment allows you to discover unique massage techniques combined with purely nourishing Moroccan oil, in a traditional Ghassoul mud treatment, rich in minerals. Relax your muscles, invigorate your skin, and experience something completely different.


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