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Wellness trends that are shaping the spa world

Following the Global Wellness Summit in Miami, these are some of the top wellbeing topics shaping the way we take care of ourselves and support our health.

As consumers we're not always aware of the inner workings of the spa world and how it's helping to support, shape and contribute to our wellbeing, but one of the key events in the spa guru calendar is the Global Wellness Summit.

In November, it took place under the sun and palms of Miami, with celebrity keynote speakers and a theme of ‘a time of transformation’ - which contextually turned out to be entirely apt given the global climate.

Spa Business reported: "That theme of transformation ran throughout, with music producer Timbaland telling attendees of his personal journey from addiction to wellness; Welsh future generation commissioner Sophie Howe talking about her mission to move beyond GDP as a measure of wellbeing; and gymnast Simone Biles detailing her bravery in standing up for her own mental wellness."

So what did they predict we will see in the world of wellness going forward?

Sport-inspired wellness

As we become increasingly focused on meaningful and measurable wellness, speakers noted the rise in wellness technology more traditionally seen in sports as cryotherapy, hyperbaric chambers and infrared saunas make their way into spas. Noted for their use in recovery from illness and injury, they're well suited both to those pursuing sports events such as marathons and IronMan challenges, as much as anyone seeking rest and rejuvenation.

As many people develop a greater interest in sport and fitness, Emlyn Brown, global VP of wellbeing for Accor, said:

“There’s an absolute tidal wave of demand for wellness and wellbeing and it’s getting ever more sophisticated with a new generation coming through."

Multi-generational wellness

Another trend reported on by Spa Business is the rise in multi-generational wellness, which included a discussion on increased affordability and accessibility for lots of reasons ranging from loneliness to physical health. As more and more people are interested in health and wellbeing, destinations like thermal facilities are seeing guests keen to visit at different times of the day. Perhaps older people in the mornings and those who work in the evenings, all as part of regular wellbeing rather than a one-off treat. That's something that we have seen reflected in demand for our After Dark spa evenings.

Multi-sensory wellness

As more of us become interested and knowledgeable about the interwoven nature of wellbeing for mind, body and soul, those looking to the future of wellness are mindful of implementing multi-sensory experiences.

Using somatic experiences combining floatation with sounds (music, sounds of the ocean, spoken words), scent and even vibroacoustic floors, spa experiences are developing in new ways and dimensions.

Attendee and speaker Timbaland was especially passionate on the topic, talked about using frequency to change the mood of a room and finding tones that move through the body.

Sustainability in the spa world

Sustainability of course is an important topic of discussion across the board at the moment, and rightly so.

The spa world like other sectors has made moves both individually and collectively in recent years to be more environmentally friendly, and given the integrated nature of our wellbeing and the planet's, is especially important.

This continued to be a point of interest for leading brands including Elemis, Biologique Recherche, Natura Bisse and Babor.

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