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Why it works: Burnham Beeches' Soul Spa Signature Treatment

Two hours of Temple Spa massage and facial bliss

When you really want to relax, you need to give yourself a proper amount of time to do it, and that's exactly what you get with Burnham Beeches Hotel's Soul Spa Signature Treatment. Unique to them and using TEMPLESPA products, it's a two-hour therapy that's guaranteed to help you unwind. Here they explain what it is and why it works.

What is the Soul Spa Signature Treatment?

It's a lovely treatment including an exfoliation, a back, neck and shoulder massage, full pedicure including a foot soak and a VIP facial. It's great because you're there for the full two hours, no moving around, same room.

What does the Soul Spa Signature Treatment involve?

We bring you into the treatment room and you lay on your back for the body massage. We then move straight into the VIP facial, which uses TEMPLESPA's Truffle mask and cream, which are incredibly hydrating for the skin. The treatment is two hours long and there's the option to have a full scalp massage. We literally go head-to-toe including the hands and fingers to the feet and toes for maximum relaxation.

Where is the Soul Spa Signature Treatment from?

It's a TEMPLESPA treatment that's bespoke to us at Bernham Beeches.

What is the spa treatment supposed to do?

It's all about relaxation and hydrating the skin. Everyone is quite stressed and busy, so there's something in it for just about anyone. We often recommended it for clients with fibromyalgia, but also if you have a busy job, if you're doing a lot of lifting or you're hunched over at a desk - we really spend time manipulating the muscles to relax.

Is there anyone who can't have the Soul Spa Signature Treatment?

We don't treat pregnant women before the end of their first trimester, and if you have cancer then we ask that you come with a doctor's note just to check they're happy for you to have the treatment.

Is there anything you recommend doing before or after the treatment to get the most out of it?

Not so much beforehand, but after the treatment make sure you hydrate to release toxins. I wouldn't recommend having a heavy meal afterwards, or doing anything too strenuous like a long drive or a workout. This is the perfect location to spend time post treatment - just sit and relax for a bit. We offer you herbal tea and time in the relaxation room and suggest plenty of water.

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