Is it safe to have a massage or touch treatment?

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Touch treatments after Covid-19

One of the things it’s really important to know is that as part of therapist training there is a high degree of risk management involved. So even under regular circumstances they are extremely mindful of making sure that touch treatments and the environments in which they are delivered, are safe.

Furthermore, as champions of wellbeing, no spa would begin to re-introduce spa treatments following the pandemic before it was deemed safe. So we would like you to be assured that if a spa is offering spa treatments, it is because the situation has been assessed and it’s considered safe to do so, either generally or with updated protocols in place.

However, we understand that you may like extra information to understand how safety is being ensured. While each spa will have their own variations on protocols to some degree, here are some of the protocols that are being introduced:

  • Many spas are limiting the number of people who can enter at any given time in order to allow for social distancing and to minimise the number of people you share the spa environment with.
  • It is recommended that guests shower pre- and post-treatments.
  • Many spas have eliminated handshake introductions and might replace them with a right hand to heart gesture or Thai greeting - palms pressed together in a prayer-like fashion.
  • Some spas are offering a welcome ritual for each arriving guest, which includes a warm, moist hand towel which also includes hand sanitiser. Either way, hand sanitiser is readily available.
  • Treatments are being given appropriate time between guests to allow for cleaning and sanitation.
  • Spas continue to spray and sanitise all skincare bottles and products used after each treatment.
  • Many spas have removed items such as bed skirts, duvets, pillows, runners, table warmers and mattress pads from treatment rooms.
  • All linen on the treatment bed will be washed after each guest.
  • Therapists wash their hands before and after the treatments.
  • Many therapists continue to wear face masks or visors during spa treatments.
  • Most spas have visible signage outlining the increased sanitisation policies and protocols, should you wish to review them.
  • Some spas have added air purifiers in the spas and UV sterilisers near the front desk to disinfect small items overnight.
  • Hand sanitation stations are usually placed around the spa for guest and employee use.
  • Practice social distancing measures are made clear through things like floor markings or placing loungers around the pool at a distance from one another.
  • Spas wipe down all surfaces including: telephones, desk, keyboards, credit card machines, mouse, etc. with disinfectant spray/wipes regularly.
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