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Hotel Ermitage - Evian Resort

At a glance

  • Scenery

    Scenic Location

    The Hotel Ermitage boasts stunning surroundings situated between the south banks of Lake Geneva and mountainous views of the Alps

  • Hotel spa

    Hotel Spa Venue

    The Hotel Ermitage boasts a superb laid-back spa - The SPa Les 4 Terres located within the hotel itself

  • Golf


    The venue boasts a championship golf course with a prestigious training centre.

  • Restaurant


    There are two restaurants – La Table and La Bibliothѐque, both of which focus on fusing health and flavour.

  • Pre natal


    The spa has a range of treatments not only for mums-to-be, but also for new mums, and babies themselves!


Hotel Ermitage - Evian Resort

Hotel Ermitage Evian Resort - South Bank of Lake Geneva 74501 Evian-Les-Bains France
74501 Evian-Les-Bains

Spa & Leisure

The home of world renowned Evian water seems like a good place to start when it comes to rejuvenation. The Spa Les Quatre Terres located at the Hotel Ermitage boasts a superb 10 treatments rooms, Sauna, Steam room, Indoor & outdoor pools, a fitness suite and a relaxation room. As if that wasn’t enough, the spa also embraces the fifteen year cycle (and the fifty-thousand year evolutionary process) that produces the water we know and love in its treatments by using clay, precious stones, crystals and oils from La Phyto and Gemology; catering to every individual, and unusually offering a selection for children under twelve as well!

Hotel & Accommodation

The inspiration for the décor at Hotel Ermitage is nature, but don’t be fooled – this is no log cabin in the wilderness: treading the line between ultra-modernity and harmony with the surrounding environment with finesse by peppering interiors with pebbles, slate, wood, precious essences and natural colours. When it comes to dining, the setting is equally conducive to a sense of calm with warm, glowing colours and views across the surrounding alpine environment. Chef Michel Mottet focuses on local produce and naturally flavoursome ingredients at both the La Table restaurant, and the less formal La Bibliothèque.