MesaStila - Wellness Retreat

At a glance

  • Airport


    MesaStila is located between Semarang Airport, Jogjakarta Airport and Solo Airport. It takes 45 minutes by plane from Jakarta to Semarang Airport, 60 minutes from Jakarta to Jogjakarta or Solo Airport and 60 minutes from Bali to Jogjakarta or Solo Airport. Please not flights are not included but can be arranged.

  • Tennis


    Yoga, Javanese dance, and martial arts are key parts of the wellness experience.

  • Restaurant


    The resort serves Javanese-fusion food using organic, local ingredients, and with a healthy twist.

  • Scenery

    Scenic Location

    The view is of the surrounding coffee plantation and mountainous backdrop, nine hundred metres above sea level.

  • Health spa

    Health Spa Venue

    Devoted to relaxation in unrivalled surroundings, this is a place where smoking and alcohol is limited


MesaStila - Wellness Retreat

MesaStila - Wellness Retreat Losari Village, Grabag Magelang, Central Java INDONESIA

Spa & Leisure

Imagine a world where there is no such thing as stress, pollution, or crowds, and where you need never feel guilty about anything you eat, and you will be somewhere close to MesaStila in Java. A world away from the daily grind, the concept offers sustainable wellness inherent to the surrounding culture, with fundamental elements including the lush vegetation, awe inspiring views, and welcoming local community.

Dispensing with the idea of a gym, activities include yoga, circuit training, power walking, Javanese dance, aqua fit, TRX training, martial arts, and tours of the coffee plantation. For those of us more familiar with the coffee brand than the location, more relaxed pursuits range from Java coffee scrubs, to hammam and head-to-toe body treatments using Indonesian healing techniques and products.

Hotel & Accommodation

Nine hundred metres above sea level, the MesaStila retreat that exists today is a cumulative labour of love that has developed over 80 years from plantation to resort. A collection of 22 villas built on the top of a hill in the middle of a coffee plantation, each abode includes a large living area and outdoor verandah with views of the mountains. The grounds themselves reference the location’s history with remaining relics such as a Colonial-era railway station and the original owner’s house dating back to 1928.

Using local and organic produce, the cuisine focuses on Javanese-fusion food with a healthy twist, designed by Corporate Executive Chef, Darren Lauder, who uses traditional flavours and cooking styles favoured by local chefs to create a menu that is sustainable, wholesome, and imbued with immense nutritional integrity.