When will spas re-open after Covid-19?

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Customer Service Update

Introduction of the Tier System

On Monday 12th October the Prime Minister introduced a three tier system to contain the spread of COVID 19 throughout England. Tier 1, for areas of medium risk, Tier 2 for areas of high risk and Tier 3 for areas of very high risk.

None of these tiers directly affects the operation of spas or the services and treatments that they can provide.

The only new consideration is that in areas operating under Tier 2 restrictions or higher, it is no longer permitted for people from different households to socialise together indoors. Additional Tier 3 restrictions may be brought in locally, but these have not yet been confirmed.

General guidance

We are delighted that from the 1st October, spas in England are once again able to open all of their facilities, that now includes thermal treatments such as saunas and steam rooms. We eagerly await updates from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

As we continue to see new and localised social restrictions being imposed to mitigate the spread of Covid-19, some spa venues are either closing or withdrawing some of their facilities, or restricting who can stay with them. Some regions also have travel restrictions in place preventing people travelling for any reason other than for work.

The following information indicates the general guidelines:

  • Spas in England are permitted to open all pools, hydrotherapy pools, hot tubs, plunge pools and gyms - both inside and outside. All treatments are now able to resume, including facials. Saunas and Steam rooms are once again able to open, but may take some time to restart their operations.
  • Spas in Northern Ireland are permitted to open all pools, hot tubs, gyms, saunas and steam rooms.
  • Spas in Scotland are now permitted to reopen for treatments, excluding facials. Indoor facilities remain closed until further notice, with the exception of pools and gyms which were able to reopen from the 31st of August.
  • Spas in Wales began offering treatments from Monday 27th of July. Indoor pools and gyms began reopening from Monday August 10th.

Some spas are operating on limited availability and introducing pre-booked times for all treatments, thermal areas and pool access in order to provide the highest levels of safety and reassurance. Therefore, please check the details of your chosen spa and package carefully before confirming your booking.

Please bring a mask or suitable face covering for use when checking in to your hotel and spa area. You may also need it for other public areas of the hotel.

Spabreaks.com is pleased to confirm that our Book with Confidence guarantee remains in place for all existing and new bookings. If your planned spa experience is unavailable or materially affected by local lockdown policies, we will happily make alternative arrangements for you, for any other date or venue. Alternatively we will provide you with a Spa Credit to allow you to make a new booking prior to the end of this year. A new booking made with a Spa Credit can be for any travel date in the future - right up to 31st December 2021.

If you have any queries regarding an existing booking or would like any further guidance on the spas reopening timeline, please contact us on customerservice@spabreaks.com.

Very best wishes, The Spabreaks.com Team

*All reopening dates are subject to the individual spa's policies.

This travel advice was reviewed on 13/10/20