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10 signs you need a spa break this Jan-you-ary

Jan-you-ary is the time of year when we all resolve to spend more time and energy focusing on ourselves. After meeting all of the demands and expectations placed upon us during the festive season, it’s finally time to relax, re-energise and focus on you, your health and wellbeing with a spa break just for you.

A recent survey commissioned by showed that 67% of respondents regard time at spas as a vital part of their health and wellbeing. A staggering 92% said that they use spas to get away from the stresses of life.

Here are some of the common signs that you too could benefit from a spa experience.

How many do you recognise?

You and your partner only get the chance to chat by text

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Spas offer a haven of tranquillity, calm and restoration. It’s also the done thing to switch phones off and enjoy the digital detox together. Shared treatments bring a feeling of togetherness and time to catch up. No deadlines, no emails and no demands on you - other than to chat, relax and reconnect with one another.


You can’t remember when you last finished a meal together

There’s always a homework crisis, another taxi service to run, or an evening dedicated to email catch ups. Press pause and really savour a meal in the company of those you love. And don’t worry - it’s not all kale and spinach smoothies. Enjoy a sumptuous meal - as healthy or indulgent as you like - at any one of over 600 spas.


Your day is full of tasks and chores to do for other people

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Let’s talk about you for a change. Let’s plan your perfect spa break. Is it going to be a short and sweet twilight spa experience, a full day, or are you going to treat yourself to a couple of nights away in the lap of luxury? Let’s work together to plan the perfect experience for you. Our unbeatable choice of spa partners are waiting to welcome you and make sure that you are, at last, the centre of attention.


Your last ‘treatment’ was when you had to de-nit the children

Rudding Park
Rudding Park|Find out more

Let us help you find the perfect spa treatment at the perfect spa. No one knows as much about the range of spa options available as we do, with over 600 venues throughout the UK and Ireland to choose from and thousands of spa packages tailored to every need, budget and occasion. Use our spa glossary to discover what’s available or speak to one of our spa consultants.


It’s time to detox

We’ve made it through the calorie fuelled Christmas celebrations and enough is enough. It’s time to give your body and mind a rest. Time to hit the gym, enjoy a mindfulness retreat, or sample menus carefully designed to boost your health. For us, ‘detox’ isn’t about just one thing, it’s about different things that help you to feel like the best version of yourself.


You and your group of friends keep saying “we must meet up”

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Go on, be the one that makes it happen. Our survey suggests that 58% of our guests use spas as a way of getting together with friends for some much needed time together. A great way to celebrate special events and, frequently, just to celebrate special friendships by treating one another to the most precious of gifts - relaxing, uninterrupted time together.


You spend the day counting

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Counting steps, counting calories, counting unread emails and uncompleted tasks. However, we never count what really matters: time. Time together. Time alone. Time spent simply being. We’ve got 365 days this year - let’s dedicate some of that time to ourselves.


You’re looking for luxury and comfort

There’s the dressing gown that bears the stains of many late nights with babies, that tries valiantly to protect your modesty as you dash to get the bins out and that also serves as tea towel in the kitchen and hanky to the children. Then there’s the warming embrace of your pristine luxury robe that cocoons you in a spa. Relax and enjoy the comfort.


It’s time to celebrate - your way

What’s your perfect way to celebrate? Is it a relaxed day with a few friends? A sumptuous afternoon tea? A morning yoga session followed by a nourishing massage? Or do you want to hit the town hard, knowing that tomorrow you can relax and recharge in the sanctuary of your chosen spa? We can help you design the perfect celebration - whatever your preferred style.


It’s time to ditch the diet

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Relax. Stop beating yourself up. There’s more to life than calorie counting - like time with friends and loved ones. Time spent relaxing and recharging is also good for your health and wellbeing, and on a spa break you can learn about healthy eating that’s rich in taste and enjoyment as well.


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