Spa your stress away...

April is Stress Awareness Month, do you need some wellbeing tips to manage stress?

Relax and the whole world smiles with you

Stress has become part of modern life, but we also have more knowledge and solutions to help us manage it than ever before. As we enjoy April - a.k.a Stress Awareness Month - it’s the perfect time to focus on the things that we can do for our wellbeing so that we’re not merely surviving in a stressful world, but thriving in one where we feel supported and nurtured.

Spas can play an essential role, not simply helping us to manage stress but in helping us to enjoy our wellbeing and enhance our lifestyle. Taking the time to stop, breathe, get back into our bodies and have a moment for ourselves, whether it’s half a day, a whole weekend or a random Wednesday off work, can be the difference between getting through the week and feeling like you’re conquering it.

It’s not just that, there’s a wealth of knowledge available at spas across the UK and Ireland, where therapists, nutritionists, personal trainers and more are all ready and waiting to support us in our wellness goals.

Whether you fancy a luxurious, once in a blue moon spa break or you’re booking regular mini breaks for self-care, from thermal suites to amazing food, massages to manicures, swimming to sweating it out in the gym, there’s a spa break to help everybody feel like their best self.

What are you waiting for? Spa your stress away…

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Am I stressed?

Everyone experiences stress differently, but there are some obvious signs to look out for:

  • Feeling overwhelmed, burnt out or irritable
  • Lacking self-esteem or confidence
  • Racing thoughts
  • Finding it hard to focus
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Headaches
  • Restlessness
  • Over or undereating
  • Anxiety
  • Snapping at friends, colleagues or loved ones

How can spas help?

A spa day isn’t going to solve everything, but it can definitely help. It can help you switch off without needing to go through the hassle of booking a holiday.

For a stress-relieving day, we recommend:

  • Don’t overbook your spa day, try to do as little as possible
  • Digital detox - try reading a booking and leaving your phone in your locker
  • Add a meditation or yoga class as part of your spa day
  • Go for a walk around the grounds and surround yourself with natural scenery
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