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Relax, we've got you

You might be surprised how often the answer is ''

For the days when you don't want to 'adult', the times when you wish someone else would shoulder the responsibility, the occasions when you’re lost for ideas and the moments when you want someone else to provide the answers - we've got you.

Whether you have an aching back or have lost your glow, you're want quality time with your best friend or just peace and quiet where no one can reach you on WhatsApp for a bit, you're looking to treat someone you love, or even better - take care of yourself for a while - we've got you.

What it means to relax

An essential part of being able to truly unwind is knowing that you can trust someone else to carry the responsibility for a while. For so many of us, we get used to juggling all the balls and being responsible for not letting any of them fall, that even when it comes to our down time we can't fully let go.

It's also true that however much you want to relax, it isn't always that easy - it takes time to settle in, to unclasp your fingers from every inch of your life for a moment and just enjoy the quiet. That's the beauty of a spa experience - the combination of time, space, facilities and touch therapies all help you surrender and trust that other people are there to look after you for a bit.

In safe hands

Even when you know and want to enjoy a spa experience, part of that letting go process is about knowing you're safe. You might be anxious, particularly if it's your first spa visit, or you have a health issue that you think might impact your experience. You might worry about what to wear in your treatment, or whether they will have food that's suitable for a particular dietary need. Perhaps you're expecting a baby, you have sensitive skin or you have had an illness like cancer and you're not sure what's safe for you to experience.

These are all things (and more) that are part of the relaxation experience - knowing that someone else has got you, and that's what the team at do. It's not just the spa break itself - it's everything leading up to it, so you are safe in the knowledge everything is taken care of.

  • Need some time out? We've got you.
  • On a budget? We've got you.
  • Looking for the perfect gift? We've got you.
  • First time spa goer? We've got you.
  • Going through hell? We've got you.
  • Want a spa break? We've got you.

From high days and holidays to working weeks that go on for months and weekends that feel just a bit too short, you might be surprised how often the answer is ''.

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