Spa for All

Spa breaks for every body!

In the 21st Century it's all about being an individual: special requirements are the rule, not the exception so we want to point out exactly how special our spas really are … whether it's a serious illness or physical impediment Spa for All gives you the freedom to make an informed choice and find the best place for you to put on that fluffy white robe and enjoy some time out!

What is spa for all?

Spa for All is about opening up the spa industry to anyone who might have been traditionally marginalised from its treatments and facilities because of something beyond their control. After all, we are all different which makes special requirements rather more the norm than the exception.

Under the Spa for All umbrella we provide spa packages and information catering to specific needs: Recovery Retreats for anyone who currently has or has recently been treated for cancer, and Accessible Spas for anyone with a disability.

Recovery Retreats

Watch the video of therapist Kirsty Amato from Pennyhill Park and Spa explain Recovery Retreats; while author Sharon Morrison discusses her experience with cancer.

It comes as a surprise to most that many spas are not able to treat customers who are currently being treated for cancer or have had it within the past two years. Exclusively to, Recovery Retreats provide bespoke packages and a safe environment where people with cancer can trust in the fact that they will have a day of pampering and relaxation just like anyone else.

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Accessible Spas

Watch the video of Director Abi Wright and Spa for All supporters Claire Lomas and James Price, explain what Accessible Spas are all about.

Through Accessible Spas we highlight venues with facilities catering to a whole range of disabilities from impaired hearing and vision to mobility. We also offer Carer Goes Free; spa packages where carers can join customers on a spa day and use the facilities free of charge.

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What else is there to know?

Image of Claire Lomas the supporter and accessible spas ambassador.

Interview in The Hot Tub … Claire Lomas

Supporter and Accessible Spas ambassador, Claire Lomas, explains what she looks for in a spa break.

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Life After Spinal Injury

Claire Lomas writes for The Hot Tub blog about getting back in shape after spinal injury.

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Woman relaxing in the Pennyhill Park pool.

Recovery Retreats Uncovered

Spabreaker, Toni Richards, headed to Pennyhill Park Hotel and Spa for a bit of respite from her cancer treatment, to experience Recovery Retreats.

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Image of Dr Peter Mackereth.

Fear and Spa-ing

Putting fears and rumours about the effects of spa treatments on cancer to rest, we interviewed the Clinical Lead at the NHS Christie Foundation, who delivers complementary therapies to cancer patients and trains spa therapists across the country, Dr Peter Mackereth.

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Image of naked woman being splashed with water.

Spa for All Reviews

It's important to get a real sense of the spa experience where accessibility and special requirements are involved, and who better to find out than our guests! Find out more about our Spa for All spas with reviews from Accessible Spas ambassador, Claire Lomas, and other guest Spabreakers!

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Who is talking about spa for all?

Good Housekeeping
"We love the idea of Recovery Retreats for anyone undergoing treatment."

Condé Nast Traveller
"Every selected spa has been visited and approved by [Abi] Wright herself. 'That way, I can guarantee that they will be looked after appropriately'."

"An industry first which dispels the traditional exclusion of anyone who currently has or has recently had cancer from being treated at a spa by offering tailored treatments that are safe."