Can you take a baby to a spa?

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Can you take a baby to a spa?

As with other areas of the wellbeing experience, the question of whether you can take your baby on your spa break has a number of elements to consider.

  1. How old your baby is
  2. Whether you will get what you need from your spa experience if your baby is with you.
  3. There’s the question of what you mean by having your baby on your spa break with you; to what extent do you want them involved in the experience?
  4. Then there’s the question of finding a spa destination that allows babies to join you.

How old your baby is, is important because it may have an impact on how long you are able to leave them with someone else. Are you still breastfeeding, and do you feel comfortable leaving them yet - for example? It also ties into whether you will get what you need from your spa break if your baby is with you. On the one hand, relaxing together can be an important part of bonding. Then again, a spa is a place that is very much about you and your needs, and if you’re tired and in need of a little nurturing yourself, a spa day or break may be a good time to let someone else take responsibility for a couple of hours so that you can have the nurturing that you need without worrying (at least as much as it’s possible not to worry as a new parent).

Answering these questions will also help you to think about what you mean by taking your baby on a spa day or break. Do you mean visiting a hotel spa where children are welcome, so that your partner can look after the baby while you have a little me-time in the spa itself? Do you mean somewhere with childcare facilities (depending on the age of your baby)? Do you mean somewhere that the baby can join you in the pool? Or do you mean somewhere that has spa treatments and therapy experiences that the baby can be a part of?

There are lots of hotel spas where children, especially young babies, can join parents for a stay, allowing you to have a little time in the spa while your partner or a friend stays with the baby in another part of the hotel. There are also lots of destinations where children can use the pool with you, and plenty where childcare is available as well. However, generally babies are not allowed into dedicated spa and treatment areas, and when it comes to therapies very few places have experiences that involve your baby. This is mostly because any kind of therapy for babies is a very specialised area and most spa therapists do not have the training to administer any form of treatment or product to young children. Most products are unsuitable, and of course babies being babies can be very disruptive to other spa guests who are trying to relax as well.

That said, there are some spas that are looking to make more changes to incorporate wellbeing for new mums and their babies, with guidance in areas such as baby massage. It is a world that’s continuing to develop, so it’s certainly something to keep talking about and keep asking questions about.

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