Can you use a spa whilst pregnant?

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Can you use a spa whilst pregnant?

With more emphasis on baby showers and dedicated pregnancy spa treatments, the world of spa offers more beautiful experiences for mums-to-be than ever before. However, there’s still confusion about what you can and can’t do on a spa break when you’re pregnant. So what are the guidelines and when do they apply to you?

To give a little background, historically spa experiences during pregnancy were extremely limited. Much like other stages of health and wellbeing, there was a lot of misinformation around, and not enough therapist training to make sure that both therapists and spa goers felt safe and reassured about what was available. Thanks to the work of industry leaders however, that’s no longer the case.

People like Sue Harmsworth, founder of ESPA, were amongst the first in the spa industry to pioneer prenatal spa treatments and therapist training, which is now widely available. She said:

*“Once upon a time the whole industry was scared of pregnancy; scared of doing any damage. We decided it was best to put treatments together so therapists and clients could be confident in the process. We had to break through that barrier. You have to do it responsibly and with the right products.” *

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