Do you wear make-up at a spa?

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Do you wear make-up at a spa?

The big thing about going to a spa is to do what makes you feel comfortable. So if you want to wear make-up to go there, then feel free, but you absolutely don’t need to. Spas are all about helping you to relax and unwind - it’s not about presenting your game face. This is somewhere you can feel safe and cared for, and where everyone spends time without their proverbial armour on.

That said however, regardless of whether you arrive with your make-up on or not, it’s best to remove it before using the spa facilities. This is partly because it will likely come off in the pool, sauna and steam room anyway and it’s better for everyone if it isn’t in the pool. However, it’s also better for your skin not to have products on it so that the facilities can work their cleansing magic rather than clogging up those pores.

If you have a facial as part of your spa day, then your therapist will cleanse your skin and remove any make-up or make-up residue before commencing with your facial. That’s in order to let the products work and to really give skin a proper cleanse.

After you have used the facilities and had a treatment, it’s best not to apply make up for several hours, in order to let the products continue doing their job, as well as to let your skin settle for a while. If it’s possible, try to leave the spa products on your skin until the following day without applying make-up. However, if you’re staying for dinner or going out after your spa day and want to dress up, just leave it as late as you can before applying make-up again. Either way, you should have a natural glow after all that pampering, and chances are you will need minimal enhancement anyway!

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