How much is a spa day?

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How much does a spa day cost?

A spa day or break can range anywhere from £30 to thousands of pounds, depending on where you go, how long for and what’s included. From all the criteria that you may have for your spa break of course, price is one that you can make central to your decision making process, especially when liaising with our team of spa consultants at They have all the knowledge at their fingertips to find a spa break that suits you and your budget, and to help you get the best value for your money.

On balance, lower cost destinations tend not to be specialised spa destinations and are more leisure based locations. That doesn’t mean they don’t offer an excellent experience however. Usually this means that you can expect spa facilities such as a gym, pool, sauna and steam room, as well as a nice collection of beauty treatments. However, you may not find that there’s a full thermal suite or more specialised therapies.

Leisure destinations can be perfect for groups of friends, especially where everyone has a different budget, or if you’re looking to treat yourself to some quality time by yourself or with a friend without spending a fortune. Many leisure venues also have children’s swimming times and some child friendly facilities, so if you’re visiting with your partner and the kids, it might be a chance for you all to have a little rest and relaxation. That said, there are some spas that buck the trend and have a phenomenal range of spa facilities at very reasonable prices - just ask our team!

If you read our article on types of spas, you will see we talk about day spas, leisure venues, hotel spas and destination spas. While it is not a specific rule that leisure destinations are the least expensive while hotel spas and destination spas are more expensive, it is a starting point. Hotel spas come in all shapes, sizes and budgets - as you might expect - it really depends on whether you opt for a five star hotel or a mid range destination. Destination spas are true health spas and on balance these really specialist, health focused experiences offer a lot of advice, wellbeing support and targeted treatments. It is a knowledge base that tends to come at a premium, although they may have special offers, exclusive packages or day spa experiences that give you exceptional value for money.

Spa treatments do add to the cost of a spa break, however it is a part of the experience that’s worth investing in. If you can, we suggest booking a spa therapy for at least an hour to make the most of it.

To really get the most out of a spa day or break, it’s important to think about what you want from it and that way your budget can be targeted towards a package that’s geared towards the things that are important to you. As a rule of thumb, we recommend opting for a spa package that includes something to eat (whether it’s afternoon tea, lunch or dinner), a spa treatment and use of facilities. To find the best experience for you, your budget and your location, speak to our team of spa consultants and they will be able to recommend the right spa experience for you.

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