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Taking a London spa break to the next level with tech 

On a spa day at SENSORY Wellbeing at Pan Pacific London, Product Manager Fiona explores a world of wellbeing supercharged by data.

One of the wonderful things about working in the spa world is the opportunity to see how many different experiences there are available and how innovative well-being is becoming. A visit to SENSORY Wellbeing at Pan Pacific London was no exception, proving to be a real leader in a data-driven approach to wellness... as well as a generally luxurious retreat.

A new world of wellness opportunity 

Under the leadership of Director of Wellbeing, Robbie Leung, SENSORY Wellbeing at Pan Pacific London has taken wellbeing to the next level. Yes, you can enjoy it simply for the beauty of the destination and everything it has to offer.

However, you can also use it as a chance to really get under the skin of your health and wellbeing, and decide what you want to do to feel your best. Whatever your interests, they optimise your personal results thanks to their innovative approach.

When I visited recently, we were met at reception and taken to the changing rooms, where we settled into the comfiest robes I have ever come across. We were then led to the relaxation lounge where we filled in our consultation forms on iPads, and later had the opportunity to use the facilities.

Holistic meets high-tech spa experiences 

For those spending a full day here, the spa facilities are quite something. The infinity pool has incredible views of the city through floor-to-ceiling windows, and there's lots of different seating options around the side so you can settle in and read a book or watch the world go by. There are also separate men's and women's saunas and steam rooms to prepare for your treatment or relax after a workout.

The treatments bring together Asian wellbeing tradition with science and clinical research. Their TecnoBody® D-Wall is a central feature, giving a posture analysis in three minutes, which can then inform things like your fitness journey, or even the treatment you have to support your body.

For example, I have a baby, and it was immediately able to tell which side I tend to carry him on. They also offer a full Body Assessment supported by Pnoé - the world’s leading automatic VO2 and metabolic analysing system. The test delivers a comprehensive analysis of heart, lung, muscular and neuromuscular function, providing you with a 360-degree assessment alongside food tolerance and allergy testing with a 70-page report to see the full scope of your internal and external fitness.

A top-to-toe spa treatment 

We were there purely to relax, but that didn't make our treatments any less optimised. We had two hours of therapies, beginning with a 15-minute pre-treatment designed to get you into the right frame of mind. This includes time spent in a sauna blanket, with a meditation sound bath to help you unwind.

The treatment moved seamlessly into a Rhythmical Bamboo Massage, which includes Balinese acupressure techniques and deep tissue massage to increase circulation. Then they followed it with an exceptional Remineralising and Hydration Facial for a brighter and firmer look using natural ingredients such as sea algae, vitamins, peppermint and spirulina peel-off masks. My skin has never looked so good - I was glowing afterwards!

The treatment was a true, top-to-toe experience, and at the end I really felt fantastic.

Post-therapy relaxation

Afterwards, they led us to the relaxation area, where you can recline on big beds overlooking London. They also cover you in a weighted blanket, which is incredibly soothing, and give you a herbal tea to complement your treatment. Ours was a lychee tea for detox in the form of a flower, which you can watch opening up in the glass pot. It's worth noting that if you're staying at the hotel, you can also have the sauna blanket and the weighted blanket in your room as part of a dedicated SENSORY sleep program.

Everything about Pan Pacific London was beautiful. The style alone is exceptional, but by bringing in the combination of luxury experiences and high tech, you really feel as though you're getting even more from it. I think the joy of it is that it offers something for everyone - it's great for a romantic stay, a group of friends, men, women or on your own. I look forward to going back!

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