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The power of scent for wellbeing

The team at the House of Kalmar talk about the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy.

Scent is a very powerful tool, it triggers memories and feelings allowing you to re-experience an event in your past. The location of the olfactory bulb in the brain is why we connect smell with specific emotions. Smells travel directly to the regions related to memory and feelings. Studies have also shown that people associate different fragrances with different colours. Kalmar’s founder, Karen Ruimy, created the four different soulstate scents that are at the core of her spa treatments, with a qualified ‘nose’ and the associated treatment colours came to her during her meditations:

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House of Kalmar scents and spa treatments

The scent of Joy

The aromas of Joy are invigorating. They will remind you of a warm summer day in a citrus grove. You’ll find the scents of lemon, ginger, and bergamot to energise and uplift. Our products and treatment in this range are also designed to make you feel vitalised.

The scent of Calm

Calm is like taking a stroll in a provençal garden in spring. You’ll smell lavender, violet and iris. The floral aromas will make you feel cocooned and our products and treatments will give you a sense of comfort.

The scent of Peace

Nothing grounds us like nature. The healing properties that you find in mother nature are unmatched which is why the aromas in peace are all connected to nature. Vetiver, moss and frankincense are the perfect combination for instant clarity and tranquillity. Our products and treatments will instantly make you feel at peace.

The scent of Love

Love is about self-love, this range will awaken your inner goddess thanks to the aromas of rose, vanilla and ylang ylang. The products and treatments in the Love range will feel like a big warm hug. You will feel a sense of warmth throughout your body.

Kalmar is all about self-empowerment, self-kindness and intention setting. You decide how to feel, what you want to do and who you want to be! Your wellbeing is always a priority, do what makes you feel good and happy.

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