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Why it works: A festive rasul spa treatment

A festive twist on an ancient classic

Putting a festive twist on an ancient classic, Bryn Meadows explains what their Festive Rasul mud spa treatment is all about.

What exactly is the festive rasul spa treatment?

It’s a salt scrub and mud chamber treatment that is self applied, with particular oils that evoke the festive season.  When guests arrive we talk them through the treatment, then, wearing either swimwear or disposable underwear, clients shower before going into the chamber where there is a bowl of salt scrub and a bowl of mud.  They start with the scrub - applying it all over the body in circular motions and paying particular attention to dry areas.  You then add the mud over the top of the salt and activate the steam so it effectively becomes a steam room.  It is on a timer and stays on for 20 minutes, and then a rain shower starts to rinse off the products.  By the time you leave your skin is left soft, exfoliated and moisturised.

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Where does the festive mud rasul come from?

Historically rasul treatments are from Arabia or Turkey - different countries have their own variations, but the premise remains the same.  By heating the skin it opens up the pores and helps it to absorb the products.  The use of sea salt in treatments is a popular one at the moment, stemming from thalassotherapy, which is a Greek term essentially referring to the use of sea water.  It isn’t the same as the salt you find on your food, it hasn’t gone through so many processes - it is a more natural product filled with minerals that are good for the skin.

What is a mud rasul supposed to do?

It’s exfoliating and nourishing for the skin thanks to the salt, and the essential oils that are mixed into it are moisturising as well.  The vanilla mud contains a lot of minerals that replace the ones we lose, and where this treatment is a little different is with the use of limited edition oils that have a festive smell and are particularly warming for the muscles - orange, cinnamon and clove.

Is there anything you recommend clients to do pre or post- spa treatment to get the most out of it?

Afterwards, always stay hydrated.  It is essentially a steam room so you will lose water.  We advise using facilities like the pool beforehand rather than afterwards so that you can leave the oils on the skin for as long as possible.  A massage afterwards would be perfect as well. As part of our festive rasul we offer the chance to upgrade to include a hot stone massage, so by the end of it all you will feel super snug in the cold weather!

Is there anyone you particularly recommend this spa treatment for?

The good thing about this treatment is it’s fun - our rasul is built for two people (sometimes they are for four or six) so it’s good for girls visiting together, or for couples, as it’s quite romantic.  It is particularly good for dry skin conditions and anyone who doesn’t have time to pay much attention to their skin normally as the mud replaces all the minerals that it is lacking.

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Is there anyone who shouldn’t have a mud rasul treatment and why?

It isn’t suitable for pregnant women and anyone with major blood pressure problems or epilepsy.  If you have a serious medical condition it is best avoided or to speak to a therapist first, but if it is something with regular medication that hasn’t been altered in the last three months, it should be fine.

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