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Why spas make for the perfect hen party

How spas offer quality time and experiences to suit everybody

Wedding season is upon us, and with that come the hen parties as well. With all our years in the world of spa, spa days and breaks have proven a timeless classic for hen dos, thanks to their ability to cater to a variety of different people, provide activities that meet different needs, and offer the space for everyone to spend quality time together, whether you're visiting with a large group or a small one.

Something for everybody

One of the challenges with a hen party is that while everyone knows the bride, often these occasions bring together different groups of friends. Everyone is thrilled to be there, but different people like different things and don't always know where to start a conversation. While one person might delight in partying until 2am, to another it might anathema.

The beauty of a spa break is that there are so many different options in general, and then so many different activities within any given spa break as well. You can have tea and cake or lots of champagne (or both), while spa treatments and facilities provide a gentle structure of activities without putting anyone on the spot. There are even spa hotels with party nights, so you can tailor the experience to the wants and needs of you and your group.

How to make the most of using a thermal suite on your spa break|Find out more

It's an opportunity for quality time together

On your wedding day it's almost impossible to really spend time with the people you care about (other than your partner), as it tends to be very busy. On a hen do, especially one with lots of friends, it can also be difficult to actually spend quality time with people.

A spa break is all about quality time - to yourself and with your nearest and dearest. A day (or two), spent enjoying treatments together (don't forget you can have dual treatment rooms), lounging in the thermal suite, strolling in the grounds and enjoying meals together, all provides lots of time to actually talk to one another. Those from different friendship groups have a chance to get and get to know one another before the wedding too!

Everything is all in one place

Another challenge when it comes to hen parties is moving people around. If your daytime activity is in a different location to your dinner, for example, it can be extremely tricky to move groups of people from A to B. Then if there's a change of clothing in between the day and the evening, all logistics need to be accounted for. If you stay at a spa hotel, everything is laid on in one place. Spend your day in the spa, then retire to your room to change for dinner. If you're only staying for the day then there are lockers on hand for clothing while you wander about in your robe, and if some people want to come for part of the hen do only, then it's easier to coordinate timings if you're not changing locations.

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Sometimes, one night is just not enough. A two or three night spa break gives you the opportunity to switch off, unwind and appreciate the surroundings that little bit more. With spa hotels at some exceptional locations across the UK they are not only spa breaks they are mini holidays that can do the world of good.  |Find out more

It's a really beautiful experience

Perhaps one of the most important things about a spa break hen party is that it's a genuinely beautiful way to wish your friend well as they get ready for their wedding. Giving them the pampering they deserve and a real treat to remember, as well as creating an environment where everyone else feels nurtured and comfortable is a really beautiful way to celebrate a happy occasion.

Book a hen party spa break

Book a hen party spa break

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