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Rise and shine!

The new gym concept at Hilton Bournemouth that's keeping the feel-good-factor going all year round.

Over the summer, hopefully you had a chance to get outside, and with the help of some sunshine and fresh air you felt motivated, energised and like the best version of yourself. The warmer weather, holidays and downtime are a great opportunity for getting your wellbeing into a good place, but now that we're back in the autumn/winter months, how can we keep the feel-good-factor going?

R1SE Fitness and Wellbeing is the new gym concept at Hilton Bournemouth, creating an environment that's carefully curated to keep you motivated and provide options for a multidisciplinary approach to fitness.

In the zone

Hinging on their 'Arena', the space feels as though you're entering another zone that's totally separate from the world outside. It is defined by a unique, sensory atmosphere that's almost like a nightclub with its low level lighting (perfect for anyone who doesn't appreciate a neon glare as they workout), and a buzzy atmosphere that immediately gets you in the right headspace.

The Technogym equipment has been selected for its state-of-the-art status, but crucially it's well looked after as well, creating a sense that this is an inspirational space to be in - fresh, new, inviting and giving you the best opportunity to train.

The music sets the rhythm and also means you don't have to bring your own headphones, so whether you're doing weights, on the treadmill or joining a class, you're focused as soon as you enter the space.

Diverse and data-driven

The range of fitness options is central to the team's belief that to stay motivated, you need variety. Classes are all 45-minutes long, making them more manageable for those with busy schedules.

Skillrun treadmills offer no ordinary running experience. You can opt for parachute training (which feels like running outdoors with a parachute) to enhance your speed, or sled training which gives the experience of pushing a real sled on grass to improve sprinting. It even analyses your performance with biofeedback.

There are 'skill boxes' with stations for different types of weight training, aqua bags for boxing and TRX resistance bands, not to mention Pilates, yoga, barre and aerial hammock classes. The emphasis is on diversity, and making sure working out feels like an experience rather than a chore.

It'a all summed up in the name - R1SE is an acronym

  • R: results driven
  • I: inspire
  • S: social
  • E: escapism

An inclusive experience, as Head of Lifestyle & Yoga, Faye puts it: "Together we rise."

Feeling motivated?

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